User Manual

Interface - Database  


The Browser area offers a Search input box on the top. This is used to search and find files within your media library without browsing within the folders. VirtualDJ will automatically add files to the Search Database whenever a folder is focused on (opened in the Folder List) for the first time and keep the results in the database.

If the media files are spread across multiple folders or drives, you will need to add your media library to the search database of VirtualDJ in order for Search to provide proper results.

Expand any Root Element in the Folders list and right-click to any Folder (sub-folder) or Hard Drive in the Folder List. Choose Batch Add to Search DB.

VirtualDJ will automatically search within the selected folder and its sub-folders and will add its tracks to the Search Database. Repeat this procedure for all your Drives or folders that contain your media files. Adding files to the Search Database will not analyze tracks (scan for BPM etc).

If you don’t wish to have a specific folder or a sub-folder included in your Search Database, simply right-click on any folder and choose Batch Remove from Search DB. VirtualDJ will then remove the tracks of that folder (and its sub-folders) from the Search Database.

Adding or Removing files from Search Database will not copy, move or delete any files. It will only update the Search Database of VirtualDJ

From that point, the Search field will be used to provide results based on your search input. Simply type in the Search field, part of the Artist and/or part of the Title of the file you are searching for (separated by a space character), and VirtualDJ will provide all the tracks that match your input.

Search results are constantly updated as you type characters in the Search field. VirtualDJ will provide the tracks of the selected (focused) folder on the top followed by the tracks from other folders and those will be separated by an empty line.

Search Options

By default, VirtualDJ will search within the Artist, Title and filepath fields of the database, but more or different fields can be selected from Search Options to narrow or provide different search results. Clicking the Search Options menu to the right of the search bar will allow you to adjust the searchable fields.

The order of the words you type is irrelevant. VirtualDJ will search within the selected fields using all the words or numeric values that are entered in the search field.

Analyze Tracks