jobs @ atomix productions

To work on a product, you need to know it. and to know it, you need to use it.
As such, we recruit most of our team amongst the active members of our users community.
If you want to work with Atomix Productions, the easiest way is to start by being active on forums and get noticed there.
That's how all our support and marketing staff started.

That being said, if you are a highly skilled web-developer, software-developer or graphic-designer and would like to work with us, you should send us an email.
When we say highly skilled, we don't mean diplomas or years of professional experience.
Some of us are still in university, some didn't even go to university.
But all of us have been programming since we were 12, and are doing this more out of passion than as a job.
And that's what we are looking for in new team members.
We work exclusively in php/mysql for the web-development and C++ (with bits of objective-C) for the software.

But if you have the skills, you will see that working with Atomix Productions is really cool.
We don't have a laundry in the office like Google, but that's because most of our developers actually just work from home, from all over the world.
So we will make you travel for 'meetings', but with us 'meetings' always goes with partying with David Guetta in Ibiza, windsurfing on pristine beaches in South China, having fun in Las Vegas, attending the Techno Parade in Paris France, etc...
As all our employees can attest, if you hook up with us, be ready to have your life changed (for the better).