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 Voxoa C50

VirtualDJ LE V7 included


The VOXOA C50 is an all-in-one DJ controller included a high quailty 16bit/48kHz, 2in/2Out (Sterro) Audio interface which enables you to input and output high-quality sound. Each side of the unit can control up to two decks with visible deck color change for intuitive, straightfoward operation. Maximum 4 decks control by switching through with the DECK selector.
 Voxoa C60

VirtualDJ LE V7 included


The VOXOA C60 Digital Mixer and MIDI Controller – a 2-channel standalone digital DJ mixer with MIDI/HID interface and internal sound card. With an astounding amount of features, slim tabletop design and high quality sound. Also acting as an audio interface (with a 2 in/2out stereo soundcard included)
 Voxoa S70

VirtualDJ LE V7 included


All-in-one Design The S70 Digital DJ Workstation is a dual USB player and a high performance mixer, all-in-one design in an elegant unit. Setting the S70 is easy and fast because you don’t need to waste time connecting cables. You just need to bring the S70 and USB storage and you can DJing. It’s perfect for DJs working events, clubs that need to be able to pack away their system quickly, and any other DJ on the move. Moreover, the S70 also is a MIDI controller can fully control any DJ software, the comprehensive MIDI compatibility all of the 98 control elements can be applied as MIDI control device.
 Voxoa M70

VirtualDJ LE V7 included


The M70 is a high performance digital mixer featuring an operational interface devoted the DJing software. Allowing DJs directly access DJing software features without the need for an additional external controller and sound card.

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