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 Akiyama QUARK SC

VirtualDJ LE V7 included


Compact, easy to carry, made entirely of metal controller. Optimized to work with Virtual DJ. With Quark SC you can mix, perform loops, scratch, and can create professional mixes easily.
 Akiyama TTWO


TTWO is a 2-channel midi controller specially designed for the popular DJ software Virtual DJ. Its controls are specially designed to work with the features of the DJ software, Virtual DJ 7 and is bundled with 4-deck special version of Virtual DJ 7 LE designed exclusively for this device and it has a special button to work with 4-decks.
 Akiyama QUARC

VirtualDJ LE V7 included


Quarc is a compact, easy to carry, made entirely of metal midi controller. It works with any software available on the market but is optimized to work with Virtual DJ Pro. A special 4 decks Virtual DJ LE7 version is included! With Quarc you can mix, perform loops, scratching, and with the multimode function that lets you control up to 6 functions with each of the 6 multimode buttons you can create professional mixes.
 Akiyama SYNCRON


Syncron can be used as a midi controller with any software available on the market but can also be used as a standalone controller. Bring all your music on your USB or hard drives and without requiring a computer carries out your sessions. If you prefer you can combine the midi controller mode with the standalone option.
 Akiyama QUATTRO

VirtualDJ LE V7 included


Akiyama Quattro is the first 4-channels midi controller that Akiyama launched to market. Its controls are specially designed to work with the features of Virtual DJ7 software.
 Akiyama PULSAR


Specially designed for Mobile Deejay, you have the possibility to connect a turntable, CD/MP3 (Input 1) or iPhone / iPod to the aux input, and these will be able to be routed directly to the master output without going through your soundcard. In addition, by the PC-THRU switch, you can also send the AUX input to the built-in soundcard of Pulsar, and set digital sound effects to your analog equipment.
 Akiyama TEMPUS


2-channel digital mixer that processes any input signal without the need to connect to a computer. Exclusive Channel Input source switch knob: changes between several input settings in seconds! In addition, it has a display where you can select the input type among which is including Line, Phono, USB, direct DVS, AUX-IN for each channel. You can have CD players, turntables, effects, samples and other devices in your DJ setup.

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