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VirtualDJ LE V7 included


Dual-deck, all-in-one mixing station that's built for mobile computer DJs with its compact, lightweight design and an included transport cover and shoulder strap. With two stereo inputs, two stereo outputs, built-in sound card, headphones and mic - this small unit is ready to rock the party anywhere on the fly.

VirtualDJ LE V7 included


Steel surface, equalizer and volume controls, jog wheels, headphones out, mic .. making it a great controller for new djs or mobile djs. Comes with VirtualDJ LE 7.

VirtualDJ LE V7 included


Hercules Steel controller features a steel surface, equalizer and volume controls, jog wheels etc, making it a great controller for VirtualDJ.
 Hercules DJCONSOLE 4-Mx

VirtualDJ LE V7 included


A controller tailored for DJing for easy connection with existing analog gear, and control over 2 and 4 virtual decks. Built for mixing performance with intuitive and sturdy steel and aluminium crafted body with a wide variety of high-performance controls. Providing a portable solution for mobile and radio Pro DJs on the go, the edgy console fits easily into the club scene
 Hercules DJ 4SET

VirtualDJ LE V7 included


This Hercules DJ4 Set DJ Controller with built-in audio combines the functions and feel of a pro controller with the simplicity you need to host memorable parties all night long. 4-channel operation provides one stereo out for the mix and another for previewing tracks on headphones. Features include a mic input with talk-over function, USB bus-powered operation, large touch-activated jog wheels, 2 deck controls with virtual control of 2 more, and switches to convert deck controls into MIDI commands. Backlights and well-spaced controls make this controller a pleasure to use.

VirtualDJ LE V7 included


The original DJ Console that started it all! The Hercules DJ Console offers dual deck control with a built-in sound card. Based on the success of this controller, Hercules went on to develop and create other great platforms based on it's success.

VirtualDJ LE V7 included


The Hercules DJ Console MK2 lets you mix on your computer without any other DJ equipment or you can integrate it into your analog equipment. This versatile DJ mixing station has 2 stereo inputs to connect 2 vinyl turntables or CD players and 2 stereo outputs to play your mix or redirect it to an effects processor or external mixer. The Hercules DJ Console MK2 features more precise and more elevated jog wheels to make scratching easy and a split mode to preview your mix in your headphones.

VirtualDJ LE V7 included


The DJControl MP3 from Hercules is designed for anyone to mix their digital music library at parties. Compact and lightweight, and featuring a USB interface to connect to your laptop or PC, the DJControl MP3 was built with users of all experience levels in mind, and comes equipped with everything needed to start having fun right away: audio outputs, pressure-detecting jog wheels, and VirtualDJ software.
 Hercules DJCONTROL MP3 E2

VirtualDJ LE V7 included


The Hercules DJ Control MP3 e2 Dual Deck DJ Controller is a compact controller that includes 2 jog wheels to navigate within tracks, a crossfader, and 2 volume faders for mixing.


Dual-deck USB DJ Controller with touch and AIR control technologies, for PC and Mac; This controller offers an unrivalled features-to-price ratio and a modern, trendy design. 2 pressure-detecting jog wheels to experiment with scratching (10 cm / 3.94" diameter); 8 progressive pads for controlling loops and effects. Contactless AIR (Adjustment by Infrared) controls enabling users to master their mix without even touching their decks! Dual built-in audio outputs (1/8") for mixing and previewing in headphones (1/4"). Mixing has never been as simple and fun; all you need is a computer, headphones and speakers!


Large jog wheels for a better DJing experience - Size similar to jog wheels on DJ CD players. Add fun to your mix with the AIR control - The contactless sensor lets you control the mix from above, without even touching the device, with 1-foot of range. Velocity pads to express your creativity - 4 velocity pads on each deck let you liven up your mixes; Instantly trigger sample playback or hot cues with one touch. Ergonomic design - Comfortable size: 17.7" wide for plenty of space between controls while performing; Soft rubber cladding on rotary caps and transport buttons for easier handling: fingers won't slip Versatile microphone input - High audio quality for balanced and unbalanced dynamic microphones, and there are two operating modes to integrate vocals into your mix


Built in Audio outputs for powered speakers and previewing tracks through mini-jack output for your headphones Easy to use mixer controls in the center and 2 pressure detecting virtual turntable deck controls/jog wheels Mobile, lightweight, and easy to carry (measures only 10.4" wide by 7.4" deep)


A comprehensive DJ controller. Mixing controls for 2 separate decks. 2 pressure-sensitive capacitive jog wheels. Built-in audio interface featuring speaker and headset outputs, and an external input. 16 pads. A modern and slim design: Scratch-brushed finish on decks, matte finish on central mixing deck. Metal surface on jog wheels. Backlit buttons enabling users to locate controls easily, even in low light conditions. Lightweight and portable: bring life to parties, wherever you are!


The DJControlWave plugs into a computer, Mac or PC via USB ("Laptop Mode"), for essential mixing with DJ MIDI software such as VirtualDJ. It can also be combined with a touchscreen device (tablet or smartphone), connected via wireless Bluetooth technology, also integrated in the controller.

VirtualDJ LE V8 included


The RMX 2 features two pressure sensitive jog wheels, two rotary encoders, transport buttons, rotary potentiometers, MIDI faders, a removable crossfader that can be replaced with a Mini-Innofader, and eight velocity-sensitive backlit pads. The DJ Console offers a large control surface and spaced out controls so DJs don't feel cramped while mixing. Complete with a solid metal casing, this console is ready for intensive use. Built-in audio
 Hercules Instinct P8

Instinct P8

Compact, tough and full-featured, the DJControl Instinct P8 allows you to mix and remix with unrivalled ease! After 5 years of success, the DJControl Instinct returns in supercharged form, offering a vast array of mixing and remixing features.
 Hercules P32 DJ

P32 DJ

The Hercules P32 DJ is an all-in-one controller that resides at the crossroads of DJing and performance. With 2 decks, screens displaying the sizes of loops, effects racks, equalizers and 32 performance pads with high-quality feel and multicolored light feedback, Hercules P32 DJ is perfectly designed for mixing.
 Hercules StarLight


Ultra-compact, ultra-light, ultra-practical and ultra-unique with its lights, the DJControl Starlight packs all the features needed to mix and scratch with VirtualDJ. With its built-in audio interface, the DJControl Starlight offers pre-listening in the headphones so you can then play your mix on speakers, which is perfect for learning or creating new mixes. The added bonus: the bright and powerful RGB backlighting with unique strobe effects to make it easier to learn how to mix.
 Hercules Inpulse 200

Inpulse 200

Hercules introduces the first-ever range of DJ controllers to really learn how to mix. Train your ear and learn to master beat-matching manually with the DJControl Inpulse 200. Its easy-to-use design and comfort make it the perfect controller to get started with DJing.
 Hercules Inpulse 300

Inpulse 300

Hercules introduces the first-ever range of DJ controllers to really learn how to mix. With the DJControl Inpulse 300, you will love to practice your listening skills and learn to master beat-matching manually. Start DJing easily and improve quickly with the help of exclusive features from light guides on the controller. The DJControl Inpulse 300 also offers everything you need to perfect your mixing skills: 16 pads, 8 modes, large jog wheels, effects on par with pro controllers, and much more.
 Hercules INPULSE 500


Hercules DJControl Inpulse 500 is created to help you get started DJing, refine your skills and perform in front of audiences. Has a professional design with a sturdy metal backing plate, and tons of great features: four extendable/retractable non-slip feet to elevate your mixing, a hardware mixer for the audio inputs, a dedicated Filter/FX area with awesome effects, two large jog wheels with touch detection for scratching, 16 backlit rubber RGB pads, helpful light guides for mixing with total confidence... and so much more.


Designed to mix, create mash-ups and scratch. The handheld DJControl Mix slips into a backpack to go anywhere. Unleash your creativity, hit the top trending videos, or become the pop-up DJ at a small gathering house party. The DJControl Mix is powered by an external battery or USB power supply. It’s easy to mix anytime, anywhere!
 Hercules INPULSE 300 MK2


Start mixing easily and reveal your DJing skills with Hercules DJControl Inpulse 300 MK2 and its unique BEATMATCH GUIDE feature. Sporting a new look that’s more modern, more comfortable and more readable, you can learn to mix and make progress quickly thanks to the controller’s 16 pads and 8 modes. Scratch more easily with slimmer, smoother touch-detecting jog wheels. DJControl Inpulse 300 MK2 is the most full-featured controller to help you learn how to mix.
 Hercules INPULSE 200 MK2


Easily learn the basics of DJing and have fun mixing your favorite songs with Hercules DJControl Inpulse 200 MK2. Combine instrumentals from one song with the vocals from another, for unlimited mixing possibilities that will let you express your creativity to the fullest!
 Hercules Inpulse T7

Inpulse T7

Are you an aspiring DJ who wants to start spinning on vinyl? The Hercules DJControl Inpulse T7 is the perfect motorized DJ controller to help you take your first steps towards mastering the art of vinyl turntables! This modern take on a classic tool combines the genuine feeling of real vinyl discs with the benefits of digital technology. With 2 motorized platters for 7” discs that go from 0 to 33⅓ RPM in just a tenth of a second, you can practice DJing on vinyl and experience the authentic feeling of real turntables. The separate vinyl record, slipmat, and platter even allow you to remove the vinyl record, giving you full control of your performance.
Sound cards
 Hercules DeeJay Trim Scratch Kit

VirtualDJ LE V7 included

DeeJay Trim Scratch Kit

DeeJay Trim is the perfect card for timecode users, with all the necessary inputs and outputs. Line Inputs: 4-channel, Line Outputs: 4/6-channel, phono switches & preamp. Mic & headphones. (Includes VirtualDJ LE special edition, timecode vinyls/CDs)

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