Hardware Manuals

Rane - Sixty Four - Layout  

Microphone & Video Controls

The Rane Sixty-Four offers 2 independent Microphone Input Channels (connections at the rear panel) with Level, Pan and tone controls and the ability to apply Hardware Effects via the FLEXFX buttons.

  1. MIC ON. Use these buttons to turn on/off the Microphone Inputs.

  2. MIC LEVEL. Use these knobs to adjust the output level of the microphone inputs.

  3. MIC PAN. Left-right Pan (balance) control for both microphone inputs

  4. MIC TONE. Spectral tilt Tone control. Increasing highs reduces lows by the same amount and decreasing highs increasing lows by the same amount.

  5. MIC FLEXFX. Use these buttons to route the applied hardware FLEXFX effect to the microphone inputs.

Bypass Mode
The 2 Microphone sections of the Rane Sixty-Four do not control the Microphone section of the VirtualDJ GUI (Master panel) and vice versa. However, the entire Microphone sections can be used as MIDI controls. If you do not use both MIC sections you can independently bypass the controls of this section so that they do not affect audio and only output their MIDI assigned functions.

To toggle MIC bypass mode, hold the SHIFT button and then press any of the MIC ON buttons (44). The led will flash to indicate the MIC bypass mode selection.
Rear Panel