Hardware Manuals

Rane - Sixty Two - Layout  

Volume Mixer

  1. CROSSFADER. Blends audio between the left and right channels/decks.

  2. VOLUME. Use these faders to adjust the Output Volume of each mixer channel.

  3. CUE. Press these buttons to send a channel's (left, right or USB Aux) pre-fader signal to the Headphones Channel for monitoring. When engaged, the button will be lit.
    By pressing one CUE button at a time, you will cue that channel alone (and deactivate CUE monitoring for the other channels). To cue to more than 1 channel simultaneously, press these channels’ CUE buttons at the same time.

  • The CUE buttons of the Sixty-Two will not control the PFL buttons of the VirtualDJ GUI (hardware operation), nor will the PFL buttons will define which channel is sent to the Phones channel of the Rane Sixty-Two.
  • The Crossfader and Volume faders will move the relative faders of the VirtualDJ GUI, but not vice versa (Fake mixer mode)

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