Make your DJ sets stand out with VirtualDJ 2021 Summer Edition!
With the amazing VirtualDJ stems feature you can now export individual parts of any song. Play never heard before acapellas, export instrumentals for creative mashups & create your playlists with your favorite songs for built-in CDJ Export to USB sticks. Great for when you cannot bring the laptop.

The exported content works on all CDJ players and XDJ controllers from Pioneer DJ that supports playing from USB sticks


Quickly tag & categorize songs with your own logic

With VirtualDJ 2021 Summer Edition you can quickly add hashtags to the comment fields to categorize your music to your own preferences and logic. And you can do so on-the-fly in the Info View direct in the browser area. A song can have multiple hashtags for extended categorizations.

Hashtags can also be combined with Quick Filters to instantly find songs with same tags. Great for instantly preparing a list of songs to your own preferences and logic.

Quick Filters

Find songs fast with filters & color rules

Instant Filters provide an easy to use filter system for quick access to tracks on the fly by criteria you choose. Displayed as buttons on top of browser, finding the correct songs is ultra fast and easy. Instantly toggle the song list to show songs by hashtags, date added, genre, bpm range and more ...

With VirutalDJ 2021 Summer Edition you can additionally add color rules to automatically color songs to logic you set. Ghost out already played songs, highlight compatible songs, color by tag or genre etc. Managing your music library never been more effetive and easy.

Stems FX

Scratch vocals only & apply fx to individial stems

Stems FX extends on the previously added Stems feature (real-time separation of individual parts of any song). With Stems FX you can now scratch vocals only and release in perfect timing, loop the rhythm section for extended version and apply audio effects just parts of the song and much more. Play acapellas never heard before, seamless transitions and mix in whole new ways not previously possible.

With VirtualDJ 2021 stems feature & Stems FX you can truely make your DJ sets stand out from the rest! Unleash your creative potential with on-the-fly scratches, mashups and live remixes. Make the mixes you always dreamt of doing!

VirtualDJ 2021 - Summer Edition

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