Hardware Manuals

Roland - DJ-707M - Layout  


The Roland DJ-707M offers 2* Microphone Inputs (connections at the rear panel) and can be controlled from the top-left panel.

  1. MIC ON 1/2: Use these buttons to turn the Microphone Inputs On/Off.

  2. DUCK: Use this button to turn on/off ducking (an effect that lowers the output volume of sounds other than the mic when mic input is present) for mic 1 and 2.
    Hold this button down and then use the [SELECT (ENTER)] knob to adjust the output level when ducking is on. This adjusts the MASTER/BOOTH/ZONE levels simultaneously.

  3. MIC FX: Use this button to turn on/off the vocal effect for mic 1 and 2. You can change the vocal effect in Scene Edit (from the Roland DJ-707M Utilities menu)

  4. MIC LEVEL: Use these knobs to adjust the output volume of the microphone Inputs 1 and 2

  5. MIC EQ (HIGH/MID/LOW): Use these knobs to boost/cut the volume of the high-frequency, mid-frequency, and low frequency regions of the 2 Microphone inputs

  6. MIC VOCAL FX Use these knobs to adjust the depth of the applied vocal effect of the Microphone inputs 1 and 2.

*Note: An additional Microphone input can be assigned to the AUX Input (front panel) LCD & Utilities