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Roland - DJ-707M - Layout  


  1. LCD SCREEN: The LCD screen will display the options of the Utilities menu. when not in the Utilities the screen will display the BPM values of the 4 mixer channels (could be the value from a VirtualDJ deck, TR Sampler or a Live Input) .

  2. MENU NAVIGATION: Press the MENU button to enter the Roland DJ-707M Utilities menu and then use the SELECT knob and the BACK button to navigate and adjust various options. For further details, read the Roland DJ-707M Owner's Manual from https://www.roland.com/global/products/dj-707m/support/

    One of the frequently used settings that you may need from the Utilities, is the ability to send a mixer channel to the Zone Output. The Roland DJ707M offers the following modes.
    1: Standard The same audio as MASTER OUT is output from ZONE OUT. This allows the same use as a standard DJ controller.
    2: Two-Room: Mic audio is not output from ZONE OUT. This is useful when you want to output only the song audio to a
    different venue than the main venue.
    3: DECK4-ZONE :The deck 4 audio is output only from ZONE OUT, without being mixed into MASTER OUT or BOOTH OUT.
    This is useful when you want to output different music to the main venue and to another venue.
    4: MICs-ZONE The mic audio is output only from ZONE OUT. This is useful when you want the mic audio to be output from different speakers.
    5: SoundBoost A multi-band compressor is applied to each output. This makes mixing easier when using TR, etc.

    - Press the MENU button
    - Rotate the SELECT knob to get the Scene Load option from the MENU.
    - Push the SELECT knob to select the Scene Load.
    - Rotate the SELECT knob to get the DECK4-ZONE option. Push to load
    - Push the SELECT knob again (OK) to confirm.
    - Press the EXIT button to exit the Menu.
    With the above, you can now use the mixer channel CH4 (Deck 4 of VirtualDJ) to send different audio from what is sent to Master and Booth Outputs.
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