Hardware Manuals

Denon DJ - SC LIVE 2 - Layout  


Denon DJ SC Live 2 - Rear panel

  1. MIC Connect a microphone to this socket , using a 1/4" cable. The audio signals of this input is routed directly to the Program Mix and Cue Mix. The level of the Microphone Input is controlled from the top-left panel

  2. MASTER OUT (Balanced - XLR): Connect this low-impedance XLR output to a PA system or powered monitors. The level of this output is controlled with the Master Level knob on the top panel.

  3. MASTER OUT 2 (RCA): Use standard RCA cables to connect this output to a speaker or amplifier system. The level of this output is controlled by the Master Level knob on the top panel.

  4. SD CARD. Insert an SD Card as a storage device.

  5. USB 1/2. Connect USB storage devices in the ports of this USB hub. Keep in mind that the devices connected to these ports will not be available as computer devices, when the SC Live 2 is on Standalone (Engine) mode.

  6. USB B. Use the provided USB type B to type A cable to connect the device with a USB port of a computer. This USB connection sends and receives audio and control information from a connected computer.

  7. POWER ON/OFF: Use the included AC/DC power adapter to connect SC Live 2 to a power outlet. While the power is switched off, plug the cable into unit first, and then plug the cable into a power outlet.
    Use the Power Switch to turn the unit on and off. Turn on unit after all input devices have been connected and before you turn on amplifiers. Turn off amplifiers before you turn off unit

    Denon DJ SC Live 2 - Front panel

  8. HEADPHONES SOCKET. Connect your 1/4" or 1/8" headphones to this output for cueing and mix monitoring.