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Topic: Stuttering randomly during playback
I'm here at home testing this after a gig last night. Randomly, the system stutters and I get a "Chirp" sound, almost like skipping a CD randomly. What I have found is that right here at home, Just freshly opened the software and I'm already using 1.21 GB of RAM just to have 2 songs loaded and 1 playing. TO ME, that seem Quite high. Is this Normal??? I'm on the most recent version that came out last weekend on 3-11-23, what ever build that is. VDJ 2023 pc64 Build 7482.1932

My PC is a DELL G3 Laptop, I5 processor 2,3 GHZ (8 logical cores), 16 GB of RAM, SSD hard drive and music os on a USB 3 Gaming expternal drive, and an NVidea GeForce GTX 1050 video card. Running Windows 11 Pro, 64 Bit.... All updates done weekly.

I would think this laptop should have NO issues what so ever... Can someone please try to help me?? Is there a logging information I can turn on for a little while and send in???

Posted Sun 19 Mar 23 @ 1:48 am
have you removed the dell support apps they are known to cause issues.

you may also try with stems off you have a low spec graphics card


Posted Sun 19 Mar 23 @ 3:01 am
Crap! Thanks for reminding me about those! Uninstalling them now..

Posted Sun 19 Mar 23 @ 2:24 pm
pivnaovHome userMember since 2023
I noticed a lot of memory load when the track with stems is turned on. And then I unloaded this track, loaded the usual one without stems. And the memory still remained clogged. As if the track hadn't been unloaded from memory.

Posted Sun 19 Mar 23 @ 2:30 pm
Yeah, I was wondering if there was something like that going on. It does seem like its using A LOT of ram to play MP3 files... I will double check again after my next gig coming up in a few weeks and then report back.

Thank you guys for suggestions and such!

Posted Mon 20 Mar 23 @ 6:33 pm
pivnaovHome userMember since 2023
diables stems if you dont use it

Posted Tue 21 Mar 23 @ 6:44 am
I'm experiencing the same issue of Stuttering randomly with what seems like some pops and clicks here and there. Using DDJ Version 2023b7482.

Just got a new ASUS TUF Gaming laptop with i7-12650H 2.3 GHz processor running Win 11 Home. 16GB Ram. Nvida GForce RTX video card. Using an older Pioneer DDJ-Ergo controller. The laptop the ASUS replaced didn't seem to have this issue. It was Dell with i5 processor and 12 GB Ram. Standard on board video card.

What is Stems? I have disabled GPU in Stems Fix. That seems to have reduced but not totally eliminated the problem. But exactly what does Stems do?

Posted Tue 21 Mar 23 @ 3:37 pm

Posted Tue 21 Mar 23 @ 5:49 pm