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You give them far too much credit. If such were the case, they would have already used that excuse by now.

Isn't it obvious..? They don't care what we want, and have said as much. After all we've already paid our money... Now it's their way, or the highway.

I don't even try to use v8 anymore.


Posted Mon 05 Feb 18 @ 4:37 pm
Richmond wrote :
Isn't it obvious..? They don't care what we want, ...I don't even try to use v8 anymore....

Just your oppinion and definitive not my oppinion. The wave-form-direction-switch is missing, ok, your point.
But there're so much more in VDJ8.
If you don't try, your statement ("They don't care what we want") is nonsense imo.

Posted Mon 05 Feb 18 @ 7:54 pm
Where've you been? You should have read the rest of this thread before commenting!

I'm one of the original customers, and have been "trying" ever since.

Posted Mon 05 Feb 18 @ 8:21 pm
Yes, but there about three people out of the tens of thousands using VDJ that want this.

There are probably 3 or 4 things that never got brought over from V7 and this is one of them.

I admire your resolve but it looks like thle dev team aren't interested in bringing this feature back.

Posted Mon 05 Feb 18 @ 8:31 pm
No need for you to lie, "Kradcliff", threre are a lot more than three, right here on this thread.

And who knows how many others just don't feel like beating their head against the wall, knowing it's a complete waste of time to ask anything from the develpers.

You did get the rest of it right right, though, so you're showing improvement...

Posted Mon 05 Feb 18 @ 8:49 pm
Sorry, I have to disagree. In ten years of using VDJ there are quite a few personal requests I have had and most of them gave been implemented. The only one that hasn't is a live BPM but again very few people probably want it.

There is no other software I have ever used that has such great support from the Dev team.


Posted Mon 05 Feb 18 @ 9:03 pm
Well I certainty didn't expect you to agree. But having used both products for years, I can say without any hesitation, that Serato gets much higher marks in that regard.

They don't pretend to build customizable software like VDJ does, but they do listen to customer opinions/suggestions at least as well, and their product support is much better.

You may or may not get what you want from these people sometimes, but if it requires spending all my time here brown-nosing the developers like you and a couple of others do, I'll just manage without it thank you. My integrity is still more important to me...

Posted Mon 05 Feb 18 @ 9:33 pm
Well being nice and having a brown nose obviously works. You should try it some time instead of coming here with a stinking attitude.

Posted Mon 05 Feb 18 @ 9:51 pm
Lol... we go through this same thing everytime.

Nothing wrong with my attitude, that a little customer service wouldn't cure.

You know, we're not asking for much, at all here... Their own "let them eat cake" attitude, is the root of the entire problem.

Posted Mon 05 Feb 18 @ 10:30 pm
djdonnPRO InfinityMember since 2006
It can't be a difficult fix. But apparently it's not one that is anywhere near the top of the priority list. Shame. Left to right made perfect sense to me and clearly others.

How about this. Can a skin implement this feature? I use V8 but by fruit. I'm finding that skin works really well for me.

Posted Tue 06 Feb 18 @ 2:48 am
Fruit is great...

However, it can't be done in the skin without additional software coding tools.

He'd fix it for us if they would only release the tools that he needs, but... of course they won't do that.


Posted Tue 06 Feb 18 @ 4:23 am
Would love this in vdj8 one of the things missing for 7

Posted Fri 18 May 18 @ 11:50 am
I think I'll make a video about this stupidity.

When I try to use my Twich with VDJ, the waveforms on the controller are correct, and work perfectly.

But swipe to the right, and the VDJ waveform moves left...

Confusing, dyslexic, retarded engineering.


Posted Fri 18 May 18 @ 3:07 pm
Oh no .... you woke Richmond up ...... :)

Posted Fri 18 May 18 @ 3:09 pm
kradcliffe wrote :
Oh no .... you woke Richmond up ...... :)

Only took you ten seconds this time... Do you have a life outside of brown nosing VDJ?

I want this obvious problem remedied, and I'm not shy about saying so.

Posted Fri 18 May 18 @ 3:18 pm
Richmond wrote :
Only took you ten seconds this time... Do you have a life outside of brown nosing VDJ?

Damn .... 10 seconds. I must be getting slower.

Maybe it's a dodgy internet connection from my RV camped outside Atomix headquarters.


Posted Fri 18 May 18 @ 5:17 pm
I have only just read this thread, all i can day is its been very entertaining ....

But the wave form is the correct way around end of .......

Now i have these two sl1200's , I have re wired the motors to get the rotation to go anticlockwise, but now things sound like they are going backwards, how do i correct this is there a switch or is it a software setting, please help as i have a very important gig in 15 minutes and if i don't get it sorted i will be financially ruined, probably the sun won't come up tomorrow and the sky may fall in ........

Posted Wed 06 Jun 18 @ 4:20 pm

Seriously though... Seems a lot of DJs dropped out of school early. I hope your mixing is better than your sentence composition...

My point is:

I'm right handed, and consequently it's natural for me to view left handed individuals as weird or handicapped. Nevertheless, I understand that they are able to function as well in society as anyone else, if they have access to certain tools that are made in a way that most of us would consider to be "backwards".

Most manufacturers of items that are hand-held, understand that these "lefties" compose a lucrative market that otherwise would be significantly diminished if the company did not make an effort to comply with that market's needs.... therefore it is easy to find LH ballgloves, scissors, can openers, even guns....

Yet here we have a company producing lefthanded, backward software tools, for predominantly right-handed, normal (if that term can be applied to DJs...) people, and they exhibit no consideration, nor do they make any effort to provide a solution to those, who struggle to work with their inferior, flawed product design.

Yes, there is undoubtedly market share to be gained by remedying the situation, yet by ignoring all pleas from concerned customers, they have consistently shown that to them, arrogance and dogged stubbornness, are of a much higher priority than common sense, client satisfaction, and/or even profit...

Posted Tue 19 Jun 18 @ 6:33 pm
You have removed a very useful functionality that gave much value to the software. It is somewhat difficult to understand, since VDJ is characterized by its great layer of customization.

You can argue a thousand arguments, but when you try harder you show that this is an arbitrary decision, as if we were reading a book, or as if we were the needle that reads the disc.

But here is the ERROR, we are not the needle, we are the human who pushes the disc, so the human vision is that of the disc, not that of the needle head.

So strange, that you have removed that functionality that people who see music like a spinning vinyl, made the experience more pleasant. I think there are quite a few of us who think this way.

Richmond has tried to explain it to you in every possible way, until you have driven him mad. The only thing Richmod has been wrong about is saying that lefties are handicapped (seriously ??).

I don't want to add more than what Richmond has said, but basically:
- Vinyl rotates clockwise.
- The vinyls DO have waves ,they are real physical waves, they can be seen and touched (the old gramophones didn't do magic ).
- Therefore, the direction of the waves go clockwise. (left to right).

To top it off, I don't have a controller, I play music with the keyboard and mouse, and now, when I want to advance a song to make the perfect synchronization, I have to press the RIGHT cursor (WTF ??)...brainexplosion.gif


Sorry, I am using a translator.

Posted Sat 28 Mar 20 @ 1:54 am

Posted Sat 21 Jan 23 @ 1:47 pm