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 Slip mode when scratching

Last edit by Nico-DDJ, Professional edition user on Tue 04 Feb 14 @ 6:11 am

If you have a MIDI or HID controller that has a touch-sensitive jogwheel, then it is possible to map a 'slip' mode that will allow you to perform a scratch with the song resuming playback where it would have been had you not performed the scratch.

To do this, change the jogwheel touch sensor mapping (Normally JOG_TOUCH) to the following:

var 'slipmode' ? dump while_pressed & touchwheel_touch : touchwheel_touch

And the jogwheel mapping (Normally JOG) to the following:

var 'slipmode' ? dump ? param_greater 0% ? touchwheel -0.005 : touchwheel +0.005 : touchwheel : touchwheel

(NOTE: You may need to try different values instead of 0.005 to get a scratch response similar to when slip mode is disabled.)

Finally, map a button of your choice to toggle the slipmode on/off:

toggle 'slipmode'

NOTE: This is a workaround and may not work 100% perfectly. A proper 'slip' mode may be implemented in a future version of VirtualDJ.

Starting from version 7.4 slip_mode is now a native action in VirtualDJ.
The workaround above is not really necessary.
For better results you can easily edit your mapper and add the 'slip_mode' action to an available button.

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