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Skin SDK: The <video> element

Availability: v8.0 onwards

This element is used to create video preview displays.
<video source="" deck="" visibility="" os="" linkdrop="true|false">


  • source : What source this video is previewing; if not set to "channel" or "deck" then the master will be previewed.
  • deck : If source="deck" , use deck="1|2|3|4..etc" or deck="left|right" (for Audio decks defined as Left or Right) or deck="leftvideo|rightvideo" (for Video Decks assigned as Left or Right on the Video Crossfader) or deck="default" to define the video source for the video preview element
  • os : use os="mac" or os="pc" if you need to display the element only when VirtualDJ is running on Window or Mac Do not include os="" if you want the element to be displayed on both platforms.
  • visibility Set to true|false or provide VDJ script actions that return true or false, to specify when the element will be visible or not.
  • linkdrop Optional. Set to false (default is true) to bypass the setting videoCreateLinkOnDrop and force to not create Video Edits when a track is dropped in this area .

  • pos : (required) Define the X,Y coordinates in the skin, along with the width and height of the video preview.
  • background : (optional) Define the graphics that the video preview element will use when no video is displayed (track is an audio file or Video Engine is turned off). Alias for the standard control child <up>

Example 1:
Will always provide the Video Output of Deck 1
<video source="deck" deck="1">
<pos x="0" y="50"/>
<size width="160" height="90"/>

Example 2:
Will provide the Video Output of whatever deck is assigned Left or Right (with deck x leftdeck|rightdeck action)
<video source="deck" deck="left">
<pos x="0" y="50"/>
<size width="160" height="90"/>

Example 3:
Will provide the Video Output of whatever deck is assigned Left or Right side of the Video Crossfader (with deck x leftvideo|rightvideo action)
If no deck is assigned as leftvideo|rightvideo, the Video Output of the deck assigned as leftdeck|rightdeck will be provided

<video source="deck" deck="rightvideo">
<pos x="0" y="50"/>
<size width="160" height="90"/>

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