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Skin SDK: The <stack> element

You can show skin elements in a stack way. The stack is a container and can have multiple slots (display areas) and multiple items (skin elements) to be displayed in the slots. Each item will be shown in a available slot with priority. E.g a stack can have 2 slots (display areas) and 10 items with visibility. The stack will display only the last 2 "visible" items.

  • fadein="" : (optional) Define the time in ms in which the items of the stack will fade in (from nothing to full display). E.g. fadein="200ms"
  • fadeout="" : (optional) Define the time in ms in which the items of the stack will fade out (from full display to nothing). E.g. fadeout="500ms"

Children: :
  • <size width="" height=""/> : Define the width and height of the slot.
  • <slot x="" y=""> : Can have multiple slots. Each slot can have x="" and y="" parameters to define the position of the slots inside the skin. Obviously, multiple slots will need different positions or else they will be displayed in the same area.
  • <item> : Can have multiple <item>s, in most cases the amount of <item>s will be larger than the amount of <slot>s. Any skin element can be nested inside a <item></item>. Items can have visibility="" and class="" as parameters (same as <panel>).


<stack fadein="200ms" fadeout="500ms">
<size width="370" height="170"/>
<slot x="-370" y="170+20+170+20+170" />
<slot x="-370" y="170+20+170"/>
<slot x="-370" y="170"/>

<item class="looppanel" visibility="is_using 'loop' 8000ms"></item>
<item class="eqpanel" visibility="is_using 'equalizer' 1000ms"></item>
<item class="filterpanel" visibility="is_using 'filter' 1000ms"></item>

<item class="cuepanel" visibility="is_using 'cue' 1000ms"></item>
<item class="samplerpanel" visibility="is_using 'sample' 1000ms 8000ms"></item>
<item class="fxpanel" visibility="is_using 'effect' 1000ms 8000ms"></item>

<item class="padspanel" visibility="is_using 'pads' 1000ms"></item>
<item class="nexttrackpanel" visibility="is_using 'load' 5000ms"></item>


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