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Skin SDK: The <panel> element

A panel is a zone that groups together several other elements, in order to hide or show all of them at once.
Panels are very usefull if you want to put several groups of elements on the same place, and switch from one group to another with a button or a shortcut.

The syntax of the panel element is <panel visible="" name="" group="">.
The properties values are:
  • visible : "yes" to have it shown at the beginning (when the skin is loaded), or "no" to have it hidded
    Since VirtualDJ v7, VDJ Script can be used to set the visibility of a panel
  • name : every element which has a panel="" equal to this name will belong to this panel
  • group (optional) : only one panel from a common group can be shown at a time (that means that when you show a panel belonging to a group, all the other panels from that group will be hidden) - this is optional if you choose to control via visibility.
The panel definitions are:
  • <size width="" height=""> : Give the width and height of the panel
  • <pos x="" y=""> : Give the position of the panel on the screen
  • <down x="" y=""> : Give the coordinate of the graphic to use when the panel is displayed
  • <up x="" y=""> : Give the coordinate of the graphic to use to erase the panel when it is hidded
  • <clipmask x="" y=""> : Give the coordinate of the B&W graphic that should be used as a clip mask when drawing the panel

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