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Skin SDK: The <square> , <circle> and <line> elements

You can draw graphics (squares, lines, circles etc) inside a skin, without adding them to the graphics file

Syntax: <square|circle|line color="" radius="" border="" border_color="" highlight="" shadow="" visibility="" os="" panel="" deck="" >

Inherited Attributes:
visibility="" os="" panel="" deck=""
See Global Element Attributes

  • color="" : Define the fill color. Can take HTML, RGB, ARGB or pre-defined colors (green, red, blue etc). For semi-transparent fill, you can use either ARGB/HTML e.g color="#60FF0000" or color="#FF0000" visibility="40%" See Colors
  • radius="" (optional) : (for <square>) Define a value in pixels, to create a rectangle with rounded corners.
  • border="" (optional) : Define the width of the border in pixels (0 for no border - default if not used).
  • border_color="" : Define the color of the border. See Colors
  • highlight="" : For <line>. Define the color of the highlight. See Colors
  • shadow="" : For <line>. Define the color of shadow. See Colors

  • <pos x="" y=""/> : Define the position (X, Y coordinates in pixels) for the element to be displayed inside the skin. Read further details for Skin Element Position
  • <size width="" height=""/> : Define the width and height of the element. For <circle>, makes sense to have the same width and height, but you could also create ovals if differ.
  • <gradient/> : Add a <gradient> child to get gradient fill color instead of solid (as defined in color=""). The gradient can take the following attributes
  • type="horizontal|vertical|circular" : Define the gradient type
  • color1="" : Define the start color of the gradient (top color for vertical, left color for horizontal, middle color for circular)
  • color2="" : Define the end color of the gradient (bottom color for vertical, right color for horizontal, outer color for circular)
If a <gradient> is defined, the color="" attribute will not be taken into account[/list]

Note: You could create horizontal/vertical lines using <square> with a small value for height/width, but it's much preferrable to use <line> in order those to be displayed properly on large skin resizes.

<!-- a 200x100 square with rounded corners, yellow 2px border and a vertical gradient (red to blue) fill -->
<square border="2" border_color="yellow" radius="20" >
<pos x="400" y="5"/>
<size width="200" height="100"/>
<gradient type="vertical" color1="red" color2="blue"/>

<!-- A blue circle of 250 pixels with a blue 2px border width-->
<circle color="#0000FF" border="2" border_color="red" >
<pos x="30" y="30"/>
<size width="250" height="250"/>

<!-- Draw a line with shadow -->
<line x="195" y="40" width="140" height="4" highlight="#101010" shadow="#707070"/>

Note: Prefer using <line> for vertical/horizontal lines instead of <square>, as those will retain their width/height properly when skin is up/down-resized and will still be displayed as lines and not as thicker/thinner squares.

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