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 Skin BlockWave

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Skin SDK: The <blockwave> element

Availability: v8.3 onwards

As of VirtualDJ 2018, you can now create a Block-style monochrome Waveform without any skin graphics. This kind of waveform is used in the default Video skins of VirtualDJ 2018

  • color="" : Define the color of the blocks in the waveform. Can take HTML, RGB, ARGB or pre-defined colors (green, red, blue etc).
  • blocksize="" : Define the actual width in pixels (integer) of the blocks in the waveform. The space between each block is hard-coded to 1:1
  • zoom="" : Define (integer) how many samples are in one block. zoom=1 means 80 blocks per seconds, zoom=2 means 40 blocks per seconds etc) . zoom="4" is used in the default VirtualDJ 2018 Video-skins.
  • center="middle" : Optionally use this parameter to center the blockwave (current position at the middle). If not used, the blockwave will be left-aligned, so the current position will be the far left edge.

Children: :
  • <pos x="" y=""/> : Define the position (X, Y coordinates in pixels) for the element to be displayed inside the skin
  • <size width="" height=""/> : Define the width and height of the element.


<blockwave deck="left" blocksize="5" zoom="4" color="#0d86e3" center="middle">
<pos x="5" y="10" />
<size width="1280" height="150"/>

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