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Q: Should I help No Licensed Users in the Forums ?

Our policy is to help all users whilst politely steering those who might be using the software illegally towards purchasing a legitimate version with all the benefits that they will enjoy as a result, such as free software updates and the ability to download from a vast library of verified and tested add-ons.

Many no license users who are accused of using illegal versions may actually be legitimately using Home FREE, or even in some cases a legal licensed version that they have simply not registered yet or is owned by and installed at the bar/club where they work.

Most users who are serious about DJ'ing and/or make money from doing so will usually eventually support the software and its future development by purchasing it. Working DJ's are potentially putting their job at risk by relying on illegal software that may crash or not work correctly and/or poor quality illegal music downloads. They could also face prosecution if caught using illegally obtained software and/or music at their gig.

NOTE: Unless you hold an official position such as forum moderator, support staff, etc. then It is up to you whether you wish to help unlicensed users or not. If you don't wish to help, then simply don't post in their topics.

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