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Forum Guidelines

The VirtualDJ Forums are used daily for news, technical support, general questions, and are a great place to interact with other users in the community. In order to make the forums an enjoyable place, please follow the guidelines below:

  1. Have fun! The forum holds a wealth of information but is also a place to make new friends and show your personality. Helpful and constructive posts are encouraged.

  2. When posting, please ensure that you use the most appropriate forum for your message.

    Please avoid bumping older topics that are more than a year old as they may no longer be relevant to the current version of the software. Opening your own new topic in the appropriate forum is a great alternative and will likely provide genuine responses.

  3. Please do not 'hijack' a topic. Posting a message or question that is not related to the topic in any way makes it difficult to follow the original topic. If you wish to post an unrelated message, please open your own topic in the appropriate forum.

  4. Advertising or posting details of items for sale is not permitted. Please use the appropriate internet sites (eBay, Craigslist, etc.) for advertising and/or sales.

    Posting links to external sites for the purpose of downloading addons outside of VirtualDJ.com is not permitted. If you wish to share an addon for VirtualDJ, please use our official Addons area.

  5. If you are a developer of a 3rd party plugin, a free version must be made available and regularly updated in the addons section of the website in order to promote a paid version in the forums.

  6. Unlicensed users (No license user) who have not purchased a VirtualDJ license, cannot post E-mail addresses, personal website addresses, or any other contact information.

  7. Posts may be edited, removed or levelled up at the discretion of the forum moderators.

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