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Pioneer DJ - DJM-850 - Layout  


The Beat Effects section of the Pioneer DJM-850 is offering a variety of high-quality hardware beat-based effects that can be applied to any of the 4 available decks, Master, Crossfader assigned sides and both Microphone Inputs.

The Effects that come with VirtualDJ can be applied to any of the 4 decks as well, using the corresponding Effect buttons from the GUI or an additional MIDI device and will be applied before the hardware effects.

The functionality of this section is briefly described below. Please refer to the Manual of the unit for a detailed description.

  1. BEAT MULTIPLIER. Set the Beat fraction for synchronizing the Effect sound.

  2. BEAT TAP. When the BPM measurement is set to TAP, the BPM is manually input by tapping the button.

  3. BEAT AUTO. Switches the BPM measurement mode (auto or manual)

  4. EFFECT CUE. Use this button to send the applied Beat Effect output to the Headphones channel (for monitoring prior applying)

  5. EFFECT SELECT. Select one of the available Beat Effects.

  6. EFFECT CHANNEL. Select the Channel on which the Beat Effect will be applied to.

  7. TIME. Adjust the Time parameter of the selected Beat Effect

  8. EFFECT LEVEL. Adjust the quantitative parameter of the selected Beat Effect.

  9. EFFECT ON/OFF. Turn the selected Beat Effect on/off.
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