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Pioneer DJ - DDJ-SZ  


The DDJ-SZ is offering DVS (Digital Vinyl System) support with VirtualDJ 8. Up to 4 Timecode Inputs can be assigned and control up to 4 software decks via Timecode CDs or Vinyls. Mixer Channels 1 and 2 can accept LINE Sources (Timecode CDs), and Channels 3 and 4 can accept both LINE and PHONO Sources (Timecode CDs and Timecode Vinyls) depending on the rear connections.

Once the connections with the Timecode devices at the rear panel of the DDJ-SZ are made, open the Pioneer DDJ-SZ Settings Utility, by pressing the ASIO button in the AUDIO tab of VirtualDJ Config and assign the Outputs of the DDJ-SZ to the appropriate type.

On the right-sided image the Outputs 5/6 (Channel mixer 3) and 7/8 (Channel mixer 4) have been assigned as LINE Sources (for Timecode CDs). Set those to PHONO if you have connected Timecode Vinyls to those Inputs.

Make sure the Channel Input Assign switchers at the top of the DDJ-SZ are set to USB position (or else the Timecode signal will be routed directly to the Master Output)

Below is an example of 2 Timecode Inputs, which can be assigned to control any left or right deck of VirtualDJ, by using the TC buttons in the SCRATCH center panel.

DDJ-SZ Audio Configuration with 2 Timecode Inputs

Once the above Audio configuration is set, click to APPLY and then open the new TIMECODE tab of the Config you will see in the Config window. Press PLAY on your timecode CD or Vinyl device and VirtualDJ will automatically detect your Timecode type and make the appropriate adjustments for best performance. Choose the CALIBRATE button if for any reason the signal is not detected (possibly due to reversed phase connections).

Timecode Detection

Timecode Inputs – Assigned to decks 3 and 4 (Example)

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