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Numark - NS6  

Advanced Audio Setup


The Numark NS6 offers the ability to use the unit as a stand-alone mixer., and mix analogue audio sources without any software running or a computer connected.
Assign any Mixer Channel as external Source and route an Analogue Source (CD player, turntable or even a Microphone) to the Master Output of the unit. Simply connect your analogue source to the rear side (Inputs) and set the PC/LINE Switcher of the respective mixer Channel to LINE position.
Note that if a Switcher is set to LINE, the sound of the software deck will be muted, but the faders of the Mixer channel will still move the faders of the software mixer on the skin.

Microphone and Line Inputs of the Numark NS6 cannot be routed to the software, therefore no Timecode (DVS) functionality is available nor can the Microphone or Line Inputs can be routed and controlled from VirtualDJ.


The pre-defined Audio configuration of VirtualDJ 8 for the Numark NS6 provides the ability to record (and/or broadcast) your mix without any further adjustments, including the Microphone or any other Analogue Sources connected to the rear panel, via the dedicated Record Input of the NS6.

The necessary Record line is already part of the pre-defined audio setup, offered by the special button in the CARD tab

Pre-defined Audio Configuration

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