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Topic: Let's start a discussion about legacy

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Dear peoples, especially mama, yan-x and Risc. What can we do with atomix??? Personally, I use Atomix with mp3z which I have obtained illegaly (sorry but that's why I am posting anonymous, just coz you nver know :-(. I know that there a lot of guys (DJ Nero!? No offence) saying you should not mix with mp3z you did not make yourself...but...I don't have the possibilities to create them by myself, and IF I had the things needed for this, my own music would never sound as good as Dj Tiesto (he's REALLY cool). I really would like to know how people think about this. I mean, what can we do and what should we not do?

And that brings me to my next issue....is it possible to send one of my mixes to you people, and can it be placed on this website? And when it's a mix with copyrighted songs in it?
I'll hope to hear from you guys. Cu all. DJ Roger

Posted Wed 13 Jun 01 @ 5:11 pm
mamaPRO InfinityMember since 2003
I personally use only "self buyed and ripped" mp3´s at official performances!
In germany we have an institution where you have to pay a lot of money if you want to play music in a disco, pub, club or whereever. It´s called GEMA. They pay the money to a pool of all artists for their music being played.
If you play MP3´s, you have to pay 80% plus because it´s a copy of the music. The fee normally is payed by the owner of the club, disco...


Posted Wed 13 Jun 01 @ 6:49 pm
Here in Canada, we follow a simple policy:
Don't Ask, Don't Tell.

In other words, nobody asks where you got the music and you don't tell them if they do ask.

Hell, it's hard enough to buy the stuff on a rippable (read: CD) form anyways. I don't even own a god damned belt drive $100 turntable for my stereo or ANYTHING so how would i be expected to rip it? Heh.

Posted Thu 14 Jun 01 @ 5:38 am
Well mama, that sounds nice...bur you say it yourself-it's quite expensive. And I use about 300-400 songs at the moment and if I had to pay for all that....o boy, wouldn't be good....There should be another solution for this, and yes, don't ask-don't tell works quite nice...till somebody get's your ass busted and then you're in some serious shit. Anyway, thnx to mama, it gives me an idea what to do and so on. Thanx..cu all (PS for mama: where do you dj at the moment? Coz I'm from the netherlands, Germany is not that far away AND I could listen to atomix in reallife ;-)

Posted Thu 14 Jun 01 @ 1:10 pm
cinoanHome userMember since 2001
In the UK it is very simular to what Mama has said for Germany.

There is a assoc. called PRS (performing rights society) that you have to pay if you want to play music publicly. Again it is normally the venue that handles this.

The fee is based on a number of rules relating to number of events, ratio of live acts to prerecorded music and the size of the audience.

Whether your playing from CD or MP3 makes no difference to the venue.

Having said that, AFAIK, ripping CD's to MP3 - even for private use - is illegal in the UK. For some reason the copyright on music recordings specifically prevents you from making a backup copy. I'd be very supprised to see anyone try to press a conviction on this if you can prove you still own the original recordings.

This is just how I understand things, I may be totally wrong!


Posted Thu 14 Jun 01 @ 9:07 pm
mamaPRO InfinityMember since 2003
To ano:

You don´t need to pay for all of your MP3´s here, only these you played.

I´m performing at home, but last week I had my first gig in a disco. It´s in the south of germany.


Posted Thu 14 Jun 01 @ 10:01 pm
dj2nvHome userMember since 2004
WHy the fuck was i brought into this..
for fucks sake i rip most of my mp3z...
annon, ur an asshole....


Posted Fri 15 Jun 01 @ 1:29 pm
And for Dj Nero, as I already had said: no offence! It was just coz you were so shitting on somebody in another discussion coz that person thought you were mixing with "illegal mp3z". Chill Dj Nero! ;-)

Posted Sat 16 Jun 01 @ 11:31 am
And for Dj Nero, as I already had said: no offence! It was just coz you were so shitting on somebody in another discussion coz that person thought you were mixing with "illegal mp3z". Chill Dj Nero! ;-)

DJ Roger

Posted Sat 16 Jun 01 @ 11:31 am
Rodie83Home userMember since 2001
Is this better people? Now you all know my name. Hope you like it! ;-0

Posted Sat 16 Jun 01 @ 11:34 am
corePRO InfinityMember since 2003
Sorry guys.
I am not gonna pay twenty bucks for a CD to play only one track from it. If there was a way to buy legal mp3's, I would. But right now there is no internet service that offers any decent selection of music, emusic.com sucks, and until any such service becomes available, you can find me on audiogalaxy's website. I think the problem with modern music industry is that it is so damn greedy. They sell us 60 minutes of crap and one hit, and then they bitch about us getting that hit over at Napster.
As for DJ mixes... I don't wanna pay Tiesto for mixing 15 tracks for me, I can mix myself, but I certainly would pay the artists that created the music. Then again, I don't need a full CD, just a couple of tracks... Same loop.
However, when playing in a public place, I try to make sure they pay appropriate fees. Then again, most clubs do it anyway.

Posted Sun 17 Jun 01 @ 1:58 am
Rodie83Home userMember since 2001
Yep , I totally agree with the author of the last post. Now I'm from the Netherlands, where you pay some 22$ for ONE cd. That's why I bought a Cd-rewriter ;-) I wouldn't burn cd's if they were not that expensive, coz I just like original cd's but..... And for mama, is it possible to put one of my mixes on this site to download? Would be very nice and people could also see the qualities of Atomix. Let me know.

DJ Roger

Posted Sun 17 Jun 01 @ 11:56 am
Yan-XPRO InfinityHonorary memberMember since 2003
Rodie, just connect to www.universdj.com

it is THE website where you can store your own mix on real format and mp3 format...

Posted Sun 17 Jun 01 @ 2:09 pm
Thnx Yan-X. I'll do it at once ;-)
Rodie83 also Dj Roger

Posted Tue 19 Jun 01 @ 12:15 pm

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