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Topic: the auto BPM is fucked

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sup sup sup,

im having problemz with the auto BPM. i listen 2 the general hiphop and rnb. now the problem is that every now and then wen i drag a "slow" song 2 the playa the BPM is extremely high, sumtymez even faster than sum dance songz, and i was just wonderin y it does that or if there is anywayz that i can fix that up. thanx 4 yo tyme

peace out

Posted Fri 01 Jun 01 @ 6:04 am
mamaPRO InfinityMember since 2003
This problem can appear if you load a song that´s extremly slow. If AtomixMP3 can´t decrease the speed with the range of the pitch, it speeds it up to the double speed of the first song to match the beats. You can go to the settings menu and disable "Auto BPM".


Posted Fri 01 Jun 01 @ 8:08 am
hey 'x'. Didn't you go to school? learn to spell and write a letter that is readable. Is it now cool to spell things like 'sometimes' as 'sumtymez'? Wow man, wish i was so cool i was illiterate. shit, times have changed and i'm only 20.

Posted Fri 01 Jun 01 @ 3:32 pm
cinoanHome userMember since 2001
Calm down! I read the post and didn't even notice the spelling style, but that's probably just down to my dodgy spelling!

Try reading a text message off my ex-girlfriend, then you have to a cyptic genius to work out what she's trying to say!


Posted Fri 01 Jun 01 @ 9:13 pm
Mr Anon - u gotta rememba dat sum dudes on 'ere r from diff partz ov da werld!...lol....an' hip-hop dudes spik anuva language...LOL

But back to the question - 'X', you will see in other parts of this forum, that the bpm engine works best with 4/4 beats. If you want to mix with hip-hop, D&B, Soul etc etc, then it is best to do so manually - just like all the traditional DJ's do with vinyl or CD's.

If you can't do that, or want to make it easier, you just have to work out the BPM's by playing a hip-hop tune at 100% pitch, then beat matching a 4/4 tune against it, and reading off the BPM for the 4/4 tune - then manually change the hip-hop tune's BPM by double clicking on the wrong BPM in the file window, and typing in the correct one. From then on - you will be able to auto mix with that tune. :)

Alternatively, you can download some software that will allow you to tap your space bar in time with the beat - and it will calculate the BPM for you - then just change it in atomix as above. - Try www.anaolgX.com - they have such a tool which take minutes to download - and it's free. :)

Hope that helps.

Posted Sat 02 Jun 01 @ 1:46 pm

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