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Topic: Linux System with TerminatorX Anyone ?

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Lo people,

This is not a question about looking for an alternative to Atomix as I'm very happy with the application. Moreover it only exists for the Linux OS.

However, I came across some "scratch" samples on the net which were made while using the program mentioned in the title of this message (i.e. the program allows to scratch MP3s like if they were the real vinyl stuff - absolutely brilliant & close-to-reality from what I've heard)

Hence I'm wondering whether anyone has tried this program yet and can share his experiences with me.
Also, what kind of config would you need to get that program (and the Linux OS) running ? As I have an out-of-date P166 lying around here with something like 92Mb of RAM I'm wondering whether it could be used as a dedicated scratch terminal ;-).
I've got a Linux OS lying around here but I've never bothered installing it as I did not see the use but that might be changing....

DJ Corpse

Posted Tue 29 May 01 @ 9:32 pm
Since the message above is posted in General Discussion I suppose it fits within the charter of the forum ?

DJ Corpse

Posted Tue 29 May 01 @ 9:34 pm
- DJ Reidar -

I tried to install it, but I couldn't get something called SPALAD_*** to work so I gave up.

Posted Wed 30 May 01 @ 11:05 pm
It teaches you how to use an old turntable as an input device, so it looks more realistic, I use it, besides not being yet a master of the turntables, I'm learning the working of the techniques to use them in real turntables. Well, scratching with turntables...do you use what under the record? So it can slips back and forth? Since the motor makes resistence, and the heavy height of the plate makes the record moving quite difficult and the needle jumps a bit... If anyone knows a site, or something that has nice explains, tutorials, or alike text, or pictures, i'd appreciate to see them...



Posted Sun 03 Jun 01 @ 12:38 am
You need to use appropriately named - 'slip mats' - get them from any decent record store.

Posted Sun 03 Jun 01 @ 1:05 am

Posted Sun 03 Jun 01 @ 3:43 pm
I'm using TerminatorX on Mandrake dual boot here and it is awesome... sounds like real vinyl as far as I can tell with this sound system. Has that awesome feeling that isn't just the wave file being played at different rates, it sckratches too... it's awesome.

Make some loops with Fruityloops and put them in there... bam. it rules.

Posted Tue 05 Jun 01 @ 2:58 am

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