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Topic: I got shagged by a hoe while mixing in a club....

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i was doing a wicked set in the nightclub phatschlut, pumping out some hard tunes baby when this woman came over to me and started chatting. She asked me to meet her later - said she's give me a good time. I assumed she meant she'd take me to Alton Towers, but in fact she took me into the bogs and gave me a seeing to, know what i mean ;0)

Oh, by the way, i wasn't using atomix. sorry, did that ruin it?

still, it was funky.

Peace out.

Posted Fri 11 May 01 @ 11:50 pm
se mei esq fuh hue mastyue hayi masum ah la geed ma dooe ahma ley seed-a-cee doo ah ?

Posted Thu 17 May 01 @ 8:20 pm
I was mixing a wicked set in my bedroom, pumping out some hard tunes, when my left hand came over to me and started chatting.....


Posted Tue 05 Jun 01 @ 3:14 am

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