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Topic: Please Help With My Atomixmp3?

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I've purchased the atomixmps, but i'm having a problem.
when i playback on the mixer there is alot of static and cranky hissing but when i playback on
WINAMP , there is no static.
please help.

thank you,

Posted Wed 21 Feb 01 @ 3:07 am
I had the same problem... in the sound config options.. under sound cards highlight the "Primary Driver" option, I have noticed this problem when I run atomix right after I run winamp... must be something in the drivers.

Posted Wed 21 Feb 01 @ 5:33 am
I have the same problem...

should I install the drivers onesmore??

I have a soundblaster live and a soundblaster 128 chip on board...

Please help...

Posted Mon 26 Feb 01 @ 4:50 pm
Don't know if it would help, but what I did is disable the Master Tempo and in the sound config set it to Hard Mix as well as changing the sound card from Primary Sound Driver to my Sound card.

When I did this I noticed a dramatic improvement in my sound quality.

Try it....you never know!


Posted Tue 06 Mar 01 @ 5:54 pm

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