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Topic: Why Does Atomixmp3 Sound So Choppy?

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i've been having problems with this program. whenever i play mp3's it sounds so choppy and not smooth like in winamp.
my PC is A PII 233mhz

please help

Posted Sun 31 Dec 00 @ 10:13 pm
Turn off "master tempo" in the options...

Also, you only have a 233, they recommend a minimum of 400mhz.. I only have a 350 and it works fine on mine.

Make sure that NOTHING else is running while you are running Atomix (especially on a 233).

Also, use hard mix instead of soft, it's much better.. But if you record you have to use soft mix.

Hope this helps!


Posted Wed 24 Jan 01 @ 10:59 am
Yup i agree......I have played around quite a bit and have discovered that the ideas outlined above work very well for me. I'm running a Dell Notebook PII 366. As long as I close all other applications and with the settings above, I have no problems. I have played at Raves for upto 7 hours solid and no problems. The only thing I noticed is that after extended periods of time the graphics seem to get quite jerky, I have found that by minimizing Atomix and maximizing it again all seems to be fine.


Posted Tue 06 Mar 01 @ 8:45 pm

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