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Topic: Speakers and headphones?

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Is it possible to listen other song from headphones at the same time anotherone is coming out from speakers, it would be lot more fun to mix songs... i have sblive and when looking at "sound config" pictures it looked like it could be possible to do that, but how?

Posted Fri 22 Dec 00 @ 6:39 pm
Pick 3D sound card and the headphone/speakers from the sound config menu.

Then plug your 'phones into the front output (green) and the speakers into the back (black). mix away. the selected deck plays out of headphones.

Posted Fri 22 Dec 00 @ 11:19 pm
What do you mean by the green and black output?!

On a 3D soundcard, there are 3 'holes'or sockets...

1. for audio input
2. for mic. input
3. for audio output

From the above listed sockets, elaborate and give more information on 'green' and 'black' output.

I really need help.

Thanks a million!



Posted Sun 24 Dec 00 @ 6:17 am
If you did found out how to do this can you post it in the forum. Thanx

Posted Sun 31 Dec 00 @ 3:05 am
I too am looking at the headphone setup and understand how it works but my question is this; (keep in mind, I only have the demo version)
When listening to the music on the headphones, is there a button to send the ,music to the speakers? How does the process work??


Posted Tue 02 Jan 01 @ 3:20 am
Yan-XPRO InfinityHonorary memberMember since 2003
Dear users of AtomiXMp3,

Apparently this feature isn't easy to use!
To use this feature you must have a 3D card or two sounds cards.

A 3D card must have 2 outputs !
for front and rear speakers

So plug the headphones in one output and the speakers to the other output.
The green desk is the selected song (heaphones) and the red desk is the current song playing so it must output on the speakers.


Note : Excuse my English!

Posted Tue 02 Jan 01 @ 11:58 am
I am thinking of ppurchasing atomix but I would like to know if there is some type of fader for the headphones just like on a regular mixer to here the two tracks together. Furthermore I have a sb live card and an onboard sound card creative has told me that I can not run 2 sound cards at the same time could anyone shed some light on this subject( I don't want to use the front and rear outputs because I use the digital out to connect to my amps.)

Posted Tue 02 Jan 01 @ 7:59 pm
soundblaster is lying to you. i have a sblive value and an onboard soundcard. i run both at the same time. there software is incompatable with two soundcards. now with the digital out option i dont have a clue since i have a value it doesnt come with the daughter board. good luck.

Posted Thu 04 Jan 01 @ 4:53 am
Well I got the configuration working on mine so I will let you know how I did it with my situation (hopefully it will help someone).

I have a SoundBlaster Live mp3 card. Its a 3D card with 2 outputs, an input and a mic input.

-Plug the headphones into output 1.
-Plug amp (or speakers) into output 2.
-Make sure the sound configuration on atomixmp3 has 3D Card and speaker/headphones options selected.

Now your speakers should be playing whatever song or mix you have going on as they normally do. The headphones should only be playing whatever song that is selected with the green light on the atomixmp3 board. Either song 1 or 2. These instructions should be the same for anyone with a 3D soundcard. I hope this clarifies things.

Posted Fri 05 Jan 01 @ 6:20 am
I've follow the instructions that the green desk will play the headphone output; that's fine.

What happens when the green desk is playing and I load a song in the red desk. What do I do then??? Can I hear the music from the red desk in the headphones? Or does the music playing currently on the green desk swith to the red desk and I again load the green desk so that I can hear the newly loaded music in the headphones. Am I missing a step??

I generally like to hear every loaded song on the headphones first. Is this possible? Red desk or green desk.

Posted Sat 06 Jan 01 @ 11:43 pm
Well if you followed the instructions correctly then which ever side has the green light on will be playing in your headphones. Mind you that these colors arent the permanant color of the desks. The green light indicates that the desk is currently playing on your headphones. When you click on the red, it becomes green and that desk becomes your current song on the headphones. I hope this clarifies things.

Posted Sun 07 Jan 01 @ 5:13 am
It absolutely does!!! thank-you. I will be registering my copy today!!


Posted Sun 07 Jan 01 @ 5:47 pm

Posted Sun 07 Jan 01 @ 7:09 pm
Yuo managed to get the Speakers/headphones option working without having registered for the program at first? How'd you do that? I'm trying to get it to work but that would mean buying the new sound cards, speakers, headphones, registering .. I fear they wouldn't work at the end and I'd be in deep shite.

Posted Sun 07 Jan 01 @ 7:11 pm
Greetz everyone, I have also a great-great problem that fits in this topic. I'm currently using one SB16 card, but I want to use my headphones as well. Is atomix right now able to downmix channels to mono so I could attach an Y-plug to the output and use my set this way? Will this feature be implemented in the near future? I know, downmixing is a bit odd but that would be the only way to listen to the headphones and play music at the same time. I guess not I'm the only one who can't afford to buy neither another soundcard, nor one with 3d capabilities.


Posted Wed 10 Jan 01 @ 3:53 pm
Just to Clarify' I DID NOT GET the Headphones to work in the unregistered version. I was merely trying to understand how the whole process worked.
By The Way, For those of you that haven't purchased the program, You're missing a lot!!! It's a fantastic piece of software and makes mixing way too easy. Don't waste your time checking other sites for similar DJ Software and hope to get a working copy without registering.
Atomix is extremely inexpensive for what you get. Register yourselves a copy and see what I mean!


Posted Thu 18 Jan 01 @ 2:57 am
Hi there i tried that which was stated above wiht regards to switching the colours when i click the green its still plays thru the main sound card. do i need to use the cross fader or what.

Pls some1 help


Posted Mon 19 Feb 01 @ 4:57 pm

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