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Topic: Breaking changes in VirtualDJ 2024 (and how to revert to vdj2023 if you need to)
VirtualDJ 2024 has a lot of changes under the hood about library management.

The most impactful change, is that instead of having both "playlists" saved in %appdata%/VirtualDJ/Playlists/ as .m3u files, and "virtual folders" saved everywhere as .vdjfolder files, VirtualDJ 2024 now unifies everything as "Lists" saved in %appdata%/VirtualDJ/MyLists/ as .vdjfolder.
When you first run VirtualDJ 2024, it will automatically convert old .m3u "playlists" from VirtualDJ 2023 into the new Lists format, and any modification you make in VirtualDJ 2024 will be on the new .vdjfolder files.

If you have a third party utility that interfaces with VirtualDJ by reading or modifying the .m3u playlists that used to be saved in %appdata%/VirtualDJ/Playlists/, you can go in VirtualDJ in settings, options, and search for browserAutoExportM3U or browserShowLegacyM3UPlaylists.
These options are made specially to handle backward compatibility cases for integration with external third party software.

Also, if for any reason you want to run again the old VirtualDJ 2023, you can download and reinstall from https://virtualdj.com/download/pc/b7921 or https://virtualdj.com/download/mac/b7921, and after you launched VirtualDJ 2023, click on the browser menu (small round button in the lower left corner, above the [A+] button), and select "Reset Root Folders".
If you want to go back to VirtualDJ 2024 again, do the same, run VirtualDJ 2024 and select "Reset Root Folders". If you want to import playlist changes you made in vdj2023 after having already installed vdj2024, just delete the %appdata%/VirtualDJ/MyLists folder to force vdj2024 to reimport your 2023 playlists.

Posted Sun 24 Mar 24 @ 10:07 am