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Topic: VDJ losing connection
It happens a couple of time (last time just now) that VDJ loses connection with the digital player and stops the music. VDJ was connected to 2 nexus nxs2 and in the middle of the song, it stop working. New device pop up appears on the laptop screen as new device was found. It is exactly the same scenario when it happened before. Why is it happening? It is really bad situation when you are in the venue and the music stops. Please let me know how I can fix it so it won't happen again

Posted Mon 18 Sep 23 @ 5:44 pm
Anyone being so kind as to answer to Mr please?

Posted 7 days ago @ 11:27 am
It's really outside the hands of VDJ, since it's really the laptop and OS that connects to the hardware. VDJ simply sits on top
Anyway... The first thing I would try was replacing the usb cables. The next would then be to go through the laptop usb settings, including power settings, and disable anything intelligent /power saving. 3rd step would be to uninstall all usb drivers in the OS and in lnstall them over

Posted 7 days ago @ 1:22 pm
Thank you.
This only happens in the venues. At my place, everything works perfectly therefore I guess it is not related to any of these scenarios that you mentioned.

Posted 6 days ago @ 11:33 am
It could be power related then. If the power grid supply is not stable it could cause issues.
Also with some older fog machines and similar gear it used to be a problem to fire them while connected on the same line as DJ gear.
Perhaps a power conditioner could help in this case, but typically this should be used for the entire booth (CDJ's, DJM and laptop) to have any meaningful impact..

Posted 6 days ago @ 12:39 pm
Starting from the fact that everything is perfect when I use vdj with my dj gears at my place and venues. The issue starts to come out when I use venue's equipment. From the messages above, it is clear that using vdj at a venue is a risk and it may compromise your work and reputation hence its use is not advisable. VDJ can only be used to prepare your session off deck hoping that with USB stick and rekordbox (pioneer digital player sw) will replicate the same good experience.

Posted 6 days ago @ 2:15 pm
Well, that's your point of view and your opinion, which is ok to have, and I respect.
However, me personally and a few thousand other DJ's around the world, respectfully disagree with that point of view.

1) Bad preserved/serviced gear is always going to be an issue in venues / rentals. It is common to go on a place and the mixer to be in bad shape and produce noise, or it's volume faders to produce audio cuts and distortion. It's common to go on a place and have gear with malfunctioning buttons, or buttons that are hard to operate. It is common to go on venues and find out that the firmware of their CDJ's is still the original from 10 years ago and your USB drives don't work with them. And the list goes on..

2) Bad power supply is an issue no matter what kind of gear you use. And yes I had CDJ's completely "reboot" on me while I was playing in stand alone mode. I had to wait for about 30 seconds for just the CDJ to come back online before I could browse the USB drive again and resume playback, which took another 20 to 30 seconds by it's own.

3) Bad things happen all the time. No matter of what gear you're using (even if it's brand new out of the box). It's how you deal with those situations that make you a professional and enhance your reputation. Not the fact that a CDJ, a laptop or even an amp/speaker failed during a gig.

Finally, l am using a PC to DJ with, since 1999. That's 24 years. I NEVER had a serious issue in a gig, that I couldn't recover from, all those 24 years. And I never had ANY issue during a gig the last 15 years or so.
There are plenty of reasons why is that. It would be a very long list to explain all of them.
The main reason though, is that I was never seeking for the "easy solution" to just blame something when things went wrong.
If something was working for others but it was not working for me, then there was surely a way to improve things and make it work for me as well.
That's how I evolved and grew as a DJ (and this mindset also helped me with mixing techniques and other stuff)

Posted 6 days ago @ 2:45 pm
Exactly the same for me since 1999.

You have to make sure everything works together. Stable hardware, reliable laptop and think of every scenario where something can go wrong and then have redundancy to mitigate it.

Like George I can't remember the last time I had an issue at a gig, whereas my next door neighbour's son had no music at a gig for over 30 minutes as his old slow laptop decided to hang on a Windows update and he had to end up calling a mate in with his laptop so the people could have music again.

That's the difference.

Posted 6 days ago @ 3:01 pm
I really struggle to understand your points guys. If an important venue ask you to fly over there to play in front of huge crowd, how can you make sure with a limited time to check if everything is in order (I.e. Power, software, firmware, drivers to mention a few)? I have no idea where you play, but majority of times at a very high standard dj scenario, you are just the next artist of the line up.program and you have just 5 minutes to plug and play. Clubs, beach clubs and dance dining and dance places will not accept music break or silence at all. That is a no. All points that you mentioned can make sense if you bring your own stuff over to a venue and have the whole day to run all the tests.

Posted 6 days ago @ 4:10 pm
user24022989 wrote :
Clubs, beach clubs and dance dining and dance places will not accept music break or silence at all. That is a no.

Well, if their gear is messed up, there's no other choice for them I guess..

That being said, I have a system that I have tested with several gear combos, tweaked and trust to do it's job. If I'm going on a high profile gig that I know that will provide gear that's in good shape, then I know my system will work (since I have it tested and tweaked to play with that combo like CDJ's and DJM) and any possible failure is on their part of the equation.
If I'm going to a place that's not guaranteed to have "perfect" or "in reasonably good shape" gear, then yes, I may bring my own gear. And after you "practice" a little you can setup a full CDJ+DJM system in less than 3 minutes, including all cable work.
Other times I may use a disclaimer on my contract, or may even deny a gig altogether if they can't provide "good" gear and also refuse to let me use my own.

PS: Most of the time (but not always, depends on the gig and the manager) I will charge extra for the extra gear.

Even then.. Go to YouTube, and watch some celebrity DJs having disaster moments caught on camera. Then tell me that those clubs never hired them again, or that their fame got lost/plummeted (and yes I'm talking for the likes of Guetta and Tiesto)

As I said, it's how you recover that makes you a PRO.
If you make a mistake, own it. If the fault is on the club's side, point it out.
That strategy never failed me.

Posted 5 days ago @ 8:55 pm
Here we are not discussing to whom belong the fault. It is clear that if the systems fails, it is not because of VDJ. I do not want to have issue during my night at important clubs and in front of thousands people regardless where the fault stands. What I said is that it may be a good strategy to use vdj to prepare your session off deck and use memory stick without and desktop sw during your gig!

Posted 5 days ago @ 10:22 pm
And I said to you, that if the gear is crap, or if the club has problem with it's power grid lines, it's going to happen no matter if you use a laptop or USB sticks. :)

So, my point was (and still is) that there's no 100% safe way to do things.

Posted 5 days ago @ 10:26 pm
I live between London and Ibiza and I have never seen a dj using vdj in any club on the island. Neither I have seen music stopping because of the gear. I am in the club every night. I learnt (also after reading your posts as answer to my technical issue) that VDJ is too risky to be used in these type of venue. If you play with your own stuff (it cannot happen in any club), it is a different matter.

Posted 5 days ago @ 12:08 am
Quote :
I learnt that VDJ is too risky to be used in these type of venue. If you play with your own stuff (it cannot happen in any club), it is a different matter.

This is not a fact, and sounds like you are actually trolling/potentially fanboying for other software packages. If you feel safer working working with pre-prepared USBs, then you are free to do so, but remember USB sticks can fail too.
Whether or not you've seen a DJ using VirtualDJ in the club or not is no indication of the software's reliability - it's personal preference. No software is 100% bug free or can anticipate and react to all problems - check the forums of other leading software vendors and you will see similar issues being reported. @PhantomDeejay's right in that as a professional, you know what you are working with (hardware and software) and you come as prepared as possible to handle it.
With that said, if you have an actual problem with the software and you want help, post it - the devs, mods, and other persons on the forum really want to help.

Posted 5 days ago @ 12:36 am
You got it wrong. I am not planning to use any other sw. VDJ is the greatest one on the market under my opinion. Though i am not going to bring laptop on the stage any more. If , for any reason systems fails with memory stick, I cannot blame myself.

Posted 5 days ago @ 8:42 am
user24022989 wrote :
If , for any reason systems fails with memory stick, I cannot blame myself.

Why not ?
USB sticks are notorious at failing to connect after some time/usage. Even with USB sticks, you need to take care of them and eventually replace them in a regular interval.
Also Pioneer forum is full of threads where CDJ's spit out various weird messages (or even lock) when working with USB sticks. Most of the time these messages go away if you switch to another brand/type of USB drive (or a just a new drive in general)

So, even with USB sticks, if they fail (and they absolutely CAN fail) I would put the blame on you because you didn't took the necessary steps to ensure that you're using a brand/type that doesn't have issues working with CDJs and that the sticks are up to the task every time (like cleaning debris from the USB connection part, making sure that contacts are not oxidized enough, e.t.c.)

See ? It's easy to shift the blame! :)

Posted 5 days ago @ 12:15 pm
LOL for me too.
You cannot compare memory stick with dj software. I change memory stick regularly. I cannot change laptop regularly. Having a memory stick is a common practice in a decent level dj environment and if it fails then the club staff will give you assistance. A dj with laptop will be identified as the issue itself.
As said, I am not sure where you play but in well known places, nobody plays with dj software. Also you mentioned all the reasons why my connection failed hence I came out with the opinion that it is too risky to use VDJ at venues with their equipment.

Posted 4 days ago @ 7:18 pm