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Topic: STEMS to 4 speakers (Rane 4 of Pioneer DDJ-FLX-10)
Is it possible (RANE 4 or Pioneer DDl-FLX-10) to assign outputs like below
Deck 1 --> Main L (mono)
Deck 2 --> Main R (mono)
Deck 3 --> Booth L (Rane 4 can be also Zone L) (mono)
Deck 4 --> Booth R (Rane 4 can be also Zone R) (mono)

I would like to output STEMS so, that Speaker 1 (Main L) is Vocals
Main Speaker 2 (Main R) is Drums or Instruments (or both)
Booth Outputs would be the song itself (no stems or whatever plays on decks 3 and 4)

I understand, that I need to start 4 decks simultaneously to do this.

Posted Fri 15 Sep 23 @ 3:10 pm
In theory it should be possible with a device that allows such audio routing.

FLX-10 uses software mixer and it's 4 outputs are Main L/R and Headphones L/R
So, you should get the sound out of headphones port instead of booth.

Rane Four uses Hardware mixer.
This means that you should use something like this:
Deck 1 -> Out 1 (mono)
Deck 2 -> Out 4 (mono)
Deck 3 -> Out 5 (mono)
Deck 4 -> Out 8 (mono)
In this case you should also push the faders of decks 1 & 2 up, and keep decks 3 & 4 on PFL.
As with FXL-10 you'll get the sound of decks 3 & 4 through headphones port, not through Booth.

PS: On most controllers, the BOOTH output is clone of the Master output, with a separate volume control. Therefore it's not possible to access it and send "different" sound out of it as you describe above.
In other cases (like Pioneer Opus Quad) it is possible to send different audio through a dedicated port (zone out in Quad) but it's 100% hardware controlled. I mean you decide via the hardware which deck goes to zone. You cannot use dedicated audio channels on the audio bus to send separate audio to it.

In order to achieve what you're after, I would recommend to use a dedicated external audio interface with enough outputs (at least 4 in your case) to route the sound however you like.

Posted Sun 17 Sep 23 @ 3:56 pm