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Topic: I just feel like the EQ could be a lot better.

I've used Virtual DJ for years and have loved it. I've tried Serato and I've found myself comparing the sound of video and audio alike between the two and I feel like Serato edges it a little bit. Functionality wise, I think Virtual does a really great job of providing great workflow, but the EQs is where it really lacks. I've done over a 100 gigs with virtual and every time, I feel like the sound could be crispier. The low end is always lacking in a way and I feel like the mids and highs are always off somehow. and this is when everything is on 12 o' clock. In comparison, Serato sounds better in this regard.

I do remember older builds of VDJ sounding better, but with each update, it seems to stray from what it once was.

For reference, I have a 2017 Macbook pro, 2.3GHz Dual Core Intel i5, 16gb ram, intel iris plus graphics 640 1536MB. I also have a Pioneer DDJ SX. All my videos are either 720 or 1080p, audio always 320kbps.

I will say that serato struggles to run videos without stuttering after a while and it definitely causes some vu delay on my controller. There will be some skipping on my screen as well. audio runs smoothly, but if I had played some videos just before, I'd have to restart serato.

On virtual dj, there's are literally no issues with audio and video, but I just wish the quality of the EQ and effects were much better. On club PA's, bass sounds a tad muffled in comparison to Serato, bass comes out more clear and crisp. Even the filter pales in comparison to Serato. Serato's filter sounds like an actual filter, where as Virtual DJ's filter sounds like it's just removing EQ.

I'll continue to use Virtual DJ especially if I'm DJ'ing with videos and stick to Serato for audio.

Posted Fri 15 Sep 23 @ 3:51 am
We've just been through this a couple of weeks ago...

VDJ by design has a "flat" output, meaning that the output you get is get as close to the input as possible

Serato by design colors the sound - so it fails all input vs output comparisons, but you by default get a "Loudness" kind of effect on master output, which can sound warm and crispy to your ears

If you want the same kind of "Loudness" output in VDJ you can add a loudness-like master effect to get it. Like maybe LoudMax (see video below).

Technically it will give you a lower quality output compared to input, but your ears may like it
Some people always use it


Posted Fri 15 Sep 23 @ 7:57 am

Posted Fri 15 Sep 23 @ 8:14 am