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Topic: Can I quantize manual loop?
When I press the Loop In/Loop Out buttons without quantise, they don't snap to the grid. When I activate smart loop, they do snap to the grid, but also let me only double the loop value. quantize does not affect the manual loop at all, only the auto loop.
e.g. I can not have a quantized loop for five, six or seven bars. only four or eight.

Posted Sun 10 Sep 23 @ 6:54 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
quantize will effect the loop_in position, for unusual integer loops you'll need a bit of script to do a bit of maths

This would be one way with one button, to get this behaviour into loop_in / out buttons would need different script

loop ? on & loop off & set loopState 0 : off & toggle loopState & var loopState 1 ? set result 0 & set result `get_beatpos & param_multiply -1` & loop_in : set result `param_add get_beatpos 'get_var result'` & loop_out & get_var result & param_cast 'integer' & loop

As much as I care to explain now, first press it gets the beat position & saves it as a negative number, say -4, it also sets the loop in point
second press it adds the saved negative number to the new beat position, so you might have -4 + 7.3 or something, it saves this new 3.3, it then sets your miss timed loop with loop out, but script is fast so next it takes the 3.3 and rounds it up or down to a whole number and passes it to the loop verb and that fixes your loop to 3
press it again turns loop off [but you're free to use other methods to turn the loop off] and the cycle continues.

Posted Mon 11 Sep 23 @ 1:08 am
Yes same question here... when setting the loop out, and quantize is on it snap to the closest multiple of a loop. So when setting an out point 17 beats out it jumps to 32...

Would love the default behaviour to quantize to the nearest quantize value/beat. So if quantize is set to 1 then snap to the beat closest to the OUT hit.


Posted Tue 19 Sep 23 @ 10:20 am