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Forum: Wishes and new features

Topic: Improved Dicogs lookup - or use other source - including us!
So I love the lookup discogs function. It's saved me so much time doing it manually.

However I've found recently that it's been more miss than hit.

Examples would be dates wrong, now in most cases it's just a year, so not a huge deal.

But it's been really really wrong with genre.

EG Dawn Penn - World A Respect 94 Mix (You Don't Love Me) [feat. Ken Boothe, Dennis Brown & Bounty Killer]

Filled in Genre - Techno....

Seen lots of similar ones, house reported as pop etc.

So I'd love an improvement there, or ideally something better, use the power of VDJ users, let us know when the genre we have it is different to 75% of other VDJ users, or pull that information back better from outher sources.

Posted Sat 09 Sep 23 @ 9:46 am
Another Example - Sanchez - Missing you now - from Reggae Hits - Genre returned - synth pop....

Posted Sat 09 Sep 23 @ 10:56 am
Another Example - Dancing Queen Abba - Returns Rock as a Genre

Posted Sun 17 Sep 23 @ 9:26 am