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Topic: Home Plus licensing question
mb21ukHome userMember since 2019
All I want to do is use VDJ in split decks mode so I can route the two decks to different outputs. I understand this requires a license. I am an unpaid volunteer for community radio so I am not using VDJ 'professionally' - i.e. I am not making any money out of it so I would like to get a Home Plus license for $49 or $99. My questions are...

1. Am I right, that I can do this?
2. What's the difference between the $49 and $99 license?
3. As I am not using one, which controller should I select when applying for the license, or does it make no difference?

Thanks for your help.


Posted yesterday @ 5:21 pm
mb21ukHome userMember since 2019
I see "Use with external analogue mixer" actually requires a "separate license". What's ha all about? How and where do we find out about that?

Posted yesterday @ 9:11 pm
this usually happens with professional equipment it requires a professional license :-)


Posted yesterday @ 9:42 pm