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Topic: Is the DJM S11 Dual Deck feature supported?
I havve confirmed that all of the features on the Mashup page for deck 3/deck 4 of the DJM S11 work, except for the Dual Deck mode.
Assuming it would work like described in page 102 of the DJM S11 manual, I couldn't find a way to get that working (the button doesn't respond). The current state of the VirtualDJ DJM S11 manual doesn't have any details on this feature as well.

- Is the Dual Deck functionality mapped at all?

- If not, is it possible to do it?
(From a high level it looks possible to do at least some of it like dual timecode control and the various functions, given midi signals are set from the hardware controls for it)

Posted Tue 02 May 23 @ 9:02 pm
Hi I'm just kindly following up on this question. Is the Dual Deck feature not being mapped/working expected?

If so, is there any reality of this being doable in future by the development team or the limitations that prevent it from being done?

If it should be working, what am I doing wrong?

Posted Thu 04 May 23 @ 10:39 pm
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
Should be fixed now.
The button should work now, so volume, eq, hw effects should automatically work as well.
Basic controls like hot cues and the play and loop buttons on the screen should also work.

To make it work together with other controllers or timecode you would need to update the scripts on these controllers or buttons to make use of dualdeckmode or dualdeckmode_decks script though

Posted Fri 05 May 23 @ 4:09 am
Hi Adion

Thank you for taking the time to address this. The button now seems to have functionality, but there seems to be some issues with what happens when it is enabled:

Quote :
To make it work together with other controllers or timecode you would need to update the scripts on these controllers or buttons to make use of dualdeckmode or dualdeckmode_decks script though

I've noticed that once the Dual Deck mode is selected the timecode doesn't control both decks (2 + 4 or 1 + 3), it still continues to control the deck it was being used for (1 or 2). Is this the reason why? Shouldn't this behaviour (both decks controlled by timecode) be the default once this mode is enabled?

Other things I've noticed:

  • Deck move (1 => 4, 2 => 3) works properly on first execution, but as soon as you it sync on the Deck 3 or Deck 4 control, future deck moves to that deck now has some weird sync state...the overal song doesn't just copy across, it's play position moves as well to somewhere else in the song, so there is a jump in the music.
    As a matter of fact, this doesn't depend on sync, it gradually doesn't seem to work over time (like there is an increasing delay in the deck copy until restart)
  • The deck being moved from (1 or 2) is put into internal mode for some reason
  • Cue points do affect both decks, but they do not seem to lock in position with where the moved deck should be given where the cue point is...if you hit the cue point, it seems the cloned deck just goes back to the start, so everything is out of sync from that point.
    I have tried this with properly gridded instrumental and acapella tracks
  • Other performance pads (e.g. Roll) only seem to affect the lead deck (1 or 2)
  • Smooth echo only seems to affect the lead deck (1 or 2) but not the cloned deck (3 or 4). The regular FX paddle does the right thing though (it's effect is done on both decs (1 +3, 2 +4).
  • Looping only affects the lead deck (1 and 2), it doesn't combine with decks with loops

Everything seems to work as expected though (EQ, Trim, faders, paddle FX, Filter knob)

Posted Fri 05 May 23 @ 2:53 pm
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
The device offers some firmware feature which "locks" the mixer keys (like EQ, Trim etc) and all we had to do was to map the Dual Deck key (could even work if assigned to toggle a variable).
All the other functionality needs to be mapped. We mapped this to some keys but not all.
for every function you wish the dual Deck to apply, you need to edit the mapping and add dualdeckmode_decks in front of the assigned script.
e.g. you want the Pads in the ROLL mode to apply to both Decks when Dual mode is enabled, you need to edit all the ROLL_PAD x keys from ... pad x to dualdeckmode_decks & pad x. So , dualdeckmode_decks is like having deck 1, deck left deck all etc,
For Timecode, i guess you map the Dual Deck key as ..
dualdeckmode on ? dualdeckmode off & deck 4 timecode_active 2 off : dualdeckmode on & deck 4 timecode_active 2 on

but thats only for right-side, will come up with something better

Posted Fri 05 May 23 @ 3:09 pm
Hi @djdad,

Thanks for all of this information....I'll work over the weekend to see if I can resolve some of the mapping issues on my end.

For some of the peculiar behavior however (e.g Deck Move having a delay and/or offset), I'm not sure if mapping would solve that problem.

Just a question....for this particular mixer/controller (DJM S11) shouldn't this extended behaviour be the default mapping or no?

Posted Fri 05 May 23 @ 8:46 pm
@djdad Just an update here.

The Dual Deck button mapping here:

dualdeckmode on ? dualdeckmode off & deck 4 timecode_active 2 off : dualdeckmode on & deck 4 timecode_active 2 on

Does not work as expected (or at all) for decks 2 and 4 - deck 4 isn't selected for control. Even if I do make a button with the custom script (while deck 2 is playing):

deck 4 timecode_active 2 on

It doesn't work properly (as expected), because the timecode pitch is also being respected - it actually plays deck 2 normally and deck 4 at a very low speed. This also doesn't address Jogwheel controllers like CDJs.

Your suggestion for the roll and slicer pages (and any other pad page) also didn't work:

dualdeckmode_decks & pad x

I don't know exactly what it does for decks 2 or 4...it seems like it does a cuepoint select instead of the roll function. It seems completely ignored for the slicer function.


Posted 6 days ago @ 1:26 am
Another update:

"dualdeckmode" only works when you have BOTH decks with the SAME pad mode selected...it was only when I switched Deck 4 to ROLL, while Deck 2 was on ROLL did this mapping work:

dualdeckmode_decks & pad <pad number>

The VirtualDJ manual or vdjscript action list doesn't explicitly say what to expect from dualdeckmode...could this clarification be added somewhere?

For this to work as expected with the DJM S11 controller (both decks have the same mode when Dual Deck is required), PAD_MOD_<MODE> also has to have "dualdeckmode_decks & with " added to the front of its mapping as well:

dualdeckmode_decks & pad_page_<page number>

Even when this done, however, I think I've found a Bug in the mapping for the Shift + ROLL pad page (pad page 6):

With the default pad page setup, it is expected that this would bring up the Slicer page and use the SLICER_PAD mappings. This does bring up the Slicer page, but when I execute the sequence of presses in the Mapping tabn(Shift + ROLL + Shift release + any pad), it actually executes pad actions for the PAD_MODE_SAVED_LOOP page.
I haven't checked other shift/double click/shift + double click mappings as well to see what happens.

I'll work on getting the dual deck timecode activation sorted out as well and post back here. I'm not sure on how to start with CDJ dual control mapping - does dualdeckmode handle that by default, or is there some specific action verb set that I have to use to get that working (I assume it would be similar to the timecode example, but I'm not sure what should be done if there is no deck controller [timecode or jog wheel] connected)?

Posted 2 days ago @ 5:31 pm