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Topic: How to quickly select tracks of the desired bpm?
pivnaovHome userMember since 2023
For example, make a filter over the bpm column.
So that I started writing 130-135 there and he showed only these tracks. Immediately quickly, without a stupid search, as in the excel filter

Posted Sun 19 Mar 23 @ 8:25 am
If it's in your current folder or playlist, then a quick filer is the easiest:
This example compares your currently playing track with the filter, and shows the one with less than 4 bpm difference:

If you want it to filter your entire database, you can use a filter folder instead - but the same basic script

Posted Sun 19 Mar 23 @ 11:59 am
If you want to to be in steps instead, you can use this quick filter instead:

... and after clicking one of them:

Again the same goes for filter folder if you want to look at your entire database

Posted Sun 19 Mar 23 @ 12:06 pm