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Topic: Windows 11 installation?
Hello, been a long time since I asked anything in general. My laptop keeps wanting me to install/upgrade to Windows 11 from my current Windows 10. I am debating because I have no issues with VDJ Pro running Windows 10 and worried that upgrading to 11 may cause an issue?
Does anyone have any current issues running Windows 11?
-DJ Jimmy Z

Posted Sat 18 Mar 23 @ 8:27 pm
running windows 11 here... seems to run fine in general... I'm having a few issues, but think it's something other than the OS that's causing it.

Posted Sun 19 Mar 23 @ 1:53 am
If it's all running fine then just leave it. No need to upgrade to Windows 11 unless you actually need something in it, but it's just a modified version of Windows 10 anyway.

Posted Mon 20 Mar 23 @ 12:50 am