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Topic: About DJ streaming services with VDJ
serieBPRO InfinityMember since 2017
Friday night at home with a(nother) cup of wine on the table, VDJ open and ready for streaming a session with some music videos to the world, just for fun and doing it for the first time since the lockdown.
Going to transmission options and sites in the software, first atempt Facebook and I get four minutes live before copyright blocking, same with Youtube. Next Step is Periscope (Oh men how I loved that service that sadly no longer exits) followed to PlayDj.TV (looks like no longer exists since past year), Vimeo (no free plans), Mixcloud (no free plans) and so on...
Is there any free options out there to stream a session nowadays or I better think on waiting for the next brick & mortar event to throw some music?
Cheers guys

Posted Sat 11 Mar 23 @ 1:46 am
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013

Posted Sat 11 Mar 23 @ 2:54 am
serieBPRO InfinityMember since 2017
Hi Loco. Yes, Looks like TWITCH is the way to go but I'm too old for a change. I have to figure out how it works this streaming service and create some noise in the channel, so just now I have only two followers. Pathetic, I know :-)

Posted Sat 11 Mar 23 @ 2:58 am
serieBPRO InfinityMember since 2017
What about Instagram? Is it a real option? I guess no so it's not embedded in the software.

Posted Sat 11 Mar 23 @ 3:13 am
As Locodog says, Twitch is the place to go. Live streams are not checked for content, so you can stream as long as you like.

Just don't enable the recording/saving as you stream because those DO get checked and will get flagged pretty much as soon as they're stored (when you end the stream).

Forget about Facebook, YouTube or any of the "big name" social media sites.

Posted Sat 11 Mar 23 @ 2:32 pm
serieBPRO InfinityMember since 2017
Cheers Groovin, will do that way.

Posted Sat 11 Mar 23 @ 4:11 pm
The best way to build a following is to be social on Twitch. Interact with other streamers in their chat areas. Tell people you're new. Follow others and they'll usually follow back.

Promote your Twitch channel elsewhere. If you're on Facebook, Instagram etc post links and/or pics there telling people when you're streaming.

Posted Sat 11 Mar 23 @ 5:17 pm
serieBPRO InfinityMember since 2017
Thank you man, great advise!

Posted Sat 11 Mar 23 @ 5:25 pm
Twitch are cracking down on music, I recently got pinged when streaming live to a listener in Canada. rest of the world was fine.

The way to go is Mixcloud. They cover the copyright and keep copies of the audio for upload to your shows page. www.mixcloud.com

Posted Wed 15 Mar 23 @ 8:34 pm
Looks like there's a monthly fee, whereas Twitch is free - and potentially streamers can earn money from subs, bits etc.

Posted Wed 15 Mar 23 @ 9:27 pm
groovindj wrote :
Looks like there's a monthly fee, whereas Twitch is free - and potentially streamers can earn money from subs, bits etc.
You can monitize on mixcloud too. As said the money goes to producers of the music. When played on twitch the producer gets nothing. (and copyright strke as happened to me two weeks ago when live). You could stick a" buy me a coffee link" and pay for it with three cups a month.

I would rather support the industry, than let Amazon take 50% of all subs/bits etc.


Posted Wed 15 Mar 23 @ 9:43 pm
There needs to be a “DJ UNION” or something along those lines because all this cutting djs off is kinda BS.

Posted Wed 15 Mar 23 @ 10:31 pm
So some background information:

- The only truly legal platform out there afaik for streaming music like that is Mixcloud, and if staying on the right side of things is your goal, it should be one of the first recommendation, regardless of the fee. The community there isn't as big as most of the others I'm going to mention.

- Twitch is what ppl normally recommend, because it was the platform that djs went to first (it's frew to stream), and now arguable has the biggest potential to build a strong community and network.
It is owned by Amazon as well, so it is tehcnically one of the juggernaut social platforms.
However afaik, it is still technically against their policies to stream copyrighted music on there without approval (the mute saved VOD)and DJs are viewed as third class citizens to gamers, etc.

- An up-and-coming platform being adopted by DJs is Kick.com (it basically looks like a Twitch clone), but it still in beta and has its own associated controversies. It is also free to stream on.

- You can stre on YouTube as well, but you have to pay close attention to what you are allowed to stream (I think they have a list to check), and they reserve the right to prevent you monetizing the stream if not within rules. Obviously YouTube has one of the biggest opportunities for community building.

- I can't speak for the others (e.g. playdj.tv), I haven't really heaed other djs speak of them tbh.

In summary, the answer depends on (among other things):
- What you are trying to achieve (fulltime + actually making money there, or just for fun)
- Who you are trying to reach (are u bringing users or trying to find them, are they open to using a new app)
- If you wanna be legal or not
As of right now it appears like it doesn't matter on Twitch, but they can always change terms

If you are just doing this for fun or trying to see what's out there, Twitch is probably the place, noting legalities above.
If you are trying to build, then thinking about everything above matters more. I also didn't talk about revenue models...that is another nuance to consider


Posted Sat 18 Mar 23 @ 3:53 pm
I'm willing to bet most of you wouldn't dj a wedding for free or dj in a club for free why would you expect artist to let you play their music for free
Use mixcloud , it's legal , the artist get paid.

Posted Sat 18 Mar 23 @ 5:26 pm
I use Mixcloud and Youtube (I don't monetize my channel) and I haven't had any problems with either. I have mostly DnB mixes up on Mixcloud but on YouTube I have everything, as long as your not trying to make money they really don't mess with you 🤷🏽‍♂️

Posted Sat 18 Mar 23 @ 10:05 pm
DJ VinylTouch wrote :

- I can't speak for the others (e.g. playdj.tv), I haven't really heaed other djs speak of them tbh.

I tried them out whilst they were running beta for a while then they switched to sub. Still got 3 hours a month free though. Recently went to the site and Nada.. Nothing there, error 404, gone the way of the Dodo, She's dead Captin!!

Shame, Play looked promising. I thought they were doing site construction and would be back. But it has been a while now since I have managed to resolve their webpage.


Posted Mon 20 Mar 23 @ 7:51 pm