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Topic: Recommended Mac for VDJ?
Hi there - i'm aware VDJ reco's m1 or m2 mac processor and ventura os, but if anyone can recommend a specific model of a mac that would be appreciated. i do NOT mix videos so that's not a factor, but i do want to take advantage of stems,etc. my current processor is 2.3 GHz 8-Core Intel Core i9 and i'm finding some lag at times and I'm concerned it may affect overall performance with VDJ. cheers!

Posted 6 days ago @ 4:03 pm
Macbook M1 pro processes stems at approx 15x and M2 Pro around 23x. Depends on your work flow and how much you want to spend but any of the Apple silicon macs will be a distinct improvement

Posted 6 days ago @ 4:26 pm
awesome thanks

Posted 6 days ago @ 4:32 pm