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Topic: Filter to only show drive D and not drive Z not working
jamez3dControlleristMember since 2019
is there anything wrong with this?

File Path starts with D:\Music\EDM\Trance\Epic and File Path doesn't contain Z:\

So only want to list files on my internal, yet duplicates of every track are listed in the results (the ones on external Z as well as internal ).

Also, have noticed sometimes VDJ chanes the syntax to
File Path starts with \Music\.....
for some reason removing the drive letter.

Does anyone know why? Probably related to a different drive naming issue but I'll open separate topic for that.

Posted Fri 20 Jan 23 @ 2:26 pm
For the most part VirtualDJ ignores the drive letter.
That's in order to make the database trully portable since the same drive may get different letters on different PCs (or even on the same PC if the letter it used to have is occupied by another device)

However in filter folders you can use DRIVE as a parameter:

Posted Fri 20 Jan 23 @ 9:00 pm
jamez3dControlleristMember since 2019
Thought Id replied already. Thanks again, this works :)


Posted Tue 24 Jan 23 @ 8:22 pm