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Topic: VDJ Not Reading Contents of VirtualDJ Folder
In the process of migrating to a new machine. Using GoodSync to move the files. Done this many times with no issues.

The new machine is not reading the contents of the VirtualDJ folder. Everything is there. VDJ just isn't picking it up. When I open the program, it's as if it has never been opened before, even though the settings file is in sync with the old machine.

Tried a fresh install on the new machine as well as a few folder syncs and manual movement of the files. No changes.

Also checked Windows 11 file system access permissions. Those appear to be correct as app access is on.

Copied the files to another Win 11 unit and they worked without issue.

Any insights?

Old Machine: 2019 Razer Blade Pro/Win 10 Home b19045/i7 9750H/RTX 2080 Max Q/64GB RAM/b7333 64bit

New Machine: 2022 Razer Blade Pro/Win 11 Pro b22621/i7 12800H/RTX 3070 Ti/64GB RAM/b7333 64bit

Posted Thu 24 Nov 22 @ 6:29 pm
Check in registry where the "home" folder is located. That's where you need to put the old files.

Sure I read somewhere it may be changing location from the documents folder to avoid issues with OneDrive.

You can put it wherever you want by changing the registry key


Posted Thu 24 Nov 22 @ 6:35 pm
That was it...

I remember reading something about that as well, but when I searched "folder," nothing came up. I knew I saw something related to Mac of course...

Thank you for the prompt response.

Posted Thu 24 Nov 22 @ 6:41 pm