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Topic: XDJ-RX2
When I connect the above to VDJ and press play on either the console or drag and drop tracks in the software, the song takes a few seconds to get up to the normal speed, as if vinyl brake was on.
It only happens with the first song of the mix, but it's every time and doesn't happen when using VDJ without the laptop.
Can anyone help?

Posted Wed 23 Nov 22 @ 10:27 pm
I use the RX2 and have never come across this issue?

Check that the brake adjust on the RX2 is full down in its lowest setting. Then in VDJ, check the ramp start time (it should be set to 0.0).

Does it happen if you do not turn on Vinyl mode? (i.e. blue light on RX2)

Posted Wed 23 Nov 22 @ 11:34 pm