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Topic: Can I use VDJ to play Music Bingo?
I have searched this, but all I come up with is people saying BINGO! as in, "You've got it!"

I found one or two threads where someone asked the same question I had but wasn't really answered. Surely I can't be the only DJ hosting music BINGO.

I understand how to make a song automix after 30 seconds (or whatever timeframe I choose). Is there any way to make songs start playing at a certain point? For instance, I want all songs to start 45 seconds in. I've seen where you mention hot cues, but from what I can tell, that's programming one song at a time and it's not quick to change. I might play 30-second sound bites of 300 songs or more per night. This is not realistic. Just like I go to settings and change the automix to 30 seconds, I want to be able to open settings and change the start time at will throughout the night.

Right now, I am doing it manually, no automix. I put a song on deck and randomly start it anywhere in the song and let it play for 30 seconds. While it's not hard, it's just tedious.

This question has been asked since 2017, from what I can tell. Has anyone addressed this yet? or is there another DJ program out there that can handle this? A lot of DJs use Spotify for Music Bingo. I would rather not. I have my own extensive music library and see no need to add their monthly expense to my pocket when I've already paid for this service.

Thanks for any help I can get!

Posted Tue 22 Nov 22 @ 4:17 am
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
It's a rare wish and every time it has differences on what is wanted exactly.
moving mix points is probably a no go because it would kill normal automix.
making 30 second samples is another way, it has merits but even automated it would be time/space consuming to do.
3rd idea [probably the one I'd do] automated repeating script, load a track, jump to 45s, place a named hotcue, jump 30 second, add apoi to jump to the end if a var condition was met, load another track do all that again until all your desired tracks are marked. All automated.

after that I'd have a button called "bingo" that set the var condition and set up relay play [not use automix]
and I'd also have, ONSONGLOAD check for the var condition and have it jump to the named cue on load.

Like I said everybody [of the few wishes] wants something slightly different so it's never really been tackled.

Posted Tue 22 Nov 22 @ 5:30 am
Let's give it a try:
Load a few tracks on playlist

Button 1, named "BingoPrep" (Bingo Tracks Preparation)
repeat_start 'PrepFiles' ? on & repeat_stop 'PrepFiles' : off & browser_window 'automix' & browser_scroll 'top' & repeat_start 'PrepFiles' 1000ms & load & wait 500ms & goto 20% & set_cue 80 & goto +30000ms & set_cue 81 & cue_action 81 'var_equal "$BingoGame" 1 ? deck 1 is_audible ? deck 2 goto_cue 80 & wait 200ms & deck 2 mix_now_nosync 2000ms & wait 5000ms & browser_scroll bottom ? set "$BingoGame" 0 : browser_scroll +1 & deck 1 load : deck 2 is_audible ? deck 1 goto_cue 80 & wait 200ms & deck 1 mix_now_nosync 2000ms & wait 5000ms & browser_scroll bottom ? set "$BingoGame" 0 : browser_scroll +1 & deck 2 load : nothing : nothing'  & browser_scroll 'bottom' ? repeat_stop 'PrepFiles' : browser_scroll +1

Button 2, named "BingoGame" (It starts/stops the game)
var_equal '$BingoGame' 1 ? on & set '$BingoGame' 0 : off  & set '$BingoGame' 1 & crossfader 50% & browser_window "automix" & browser_scroll 'top' & deck 1 stop & deck 1 load & wait 500ms & deck 1 goto_cue 80 & deck 1 play & browser_scroll +1 & deck 2 load

Button3, named "BingoClear" (Optional, remove the hotcues of the first button)
repeat_start 'UnPrepFiles' ? on & repeat_stop 'UnPrepFiles' : off & browser_window 'automix' & browser_scroll 'top' & repeat_start 'UnPrepFiles' 1000ms & load & wait 500ms & delete_cue 80 & delete_cue 81 & browser_scroll 'bottom' ? repeat_stop 'UnPrepFiles' : browser_scroll +1

Posted Tue 22 Nov 22 @ 10:54 am
PhantomDeejay wrote :
Let's give it a try:

Thank you I will try this in the next few days and let you know. Thank you so much!! You would think, as popular as this game is (it bores me to tears but pays the bills), that someone would create software for it. I need to be able to change the start point reasonably quickly and easily (or in the length of time it takes to play a line dance or two during a BINGO break). Although I have a lot of themes set up, it would automatically expand the library of themes. That way, I could use the same set of songs and cards, but the songs always sound different. It's not always the same clue. I'll see if your code gets me closer. Again, thank you!

Posted Fri 25 Nov 22 @ 2:30 am
I guess it depends on which part of the world you're living.
Over here (Europe) we don't usually do/have such games. Maybe sometimes for kid parties :P

Anyway, if you want to change location and duration of the song(s) you need to modify the preparation button.
Specifically the goto parts (not goto_cue)
goto 20% goes to the 20% elapsed location of the track and sets the beginning.
goto +30000ms advances another 30 seconds (1 second = 1000ms) and sets the end.

So, by changing just those two numbers you can change the parts of the songs being played.

PS: You can "prepare" different files with different values if you want, and then put them all together in your playlist to play.

The current solution is not 100% clean, but it should get the job done.

Posted Fri 25 Nov 22 @ 8:49 am