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Topic: Filter for BPM (Show only faster Songs)
Hi there,

I have a quick filter so that VDJ only displays Tracks with a BPM difference of +/- 8
But I want that it only shows Tracks that are faster and not slower, so I can increase the tempo from song to song

Is that possible? And what do I have to do?


Posted Mon 21 Nov 22 @ 5:32 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
custom button, build a string and cast it to the temp quick filter

quick_filter 0 ? on & quick_filter off : off & get_text "Bpm >= `deck master get_bpm` and Bpm <= `param_add 8 'deck master get_bpm'`" & param_cast 'text' & quick_filter

Posted Mon 21 Nov 22 @ 5:59 pm