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Topic: VirtualDJ 2023 & Stems 2.0 - FAQ
  • Where can I test the new version

    Just download VirtualDJ 2023 from the download page:

  • My laptop is old and not powerful, can I still use VirtualDJ 2023?

    Yes, VirtualDJ 2023 works perfectly on any hardware.

    The only requirement is to be on macOS 10.13 or higher on Mac, or to run Windows 10 64bit or higher on PC.

    If you have a powerful laptop, like a PC with Nvidia RTX card, or a M1 Mac, VirtualDJ 2023 will use some special optimizations that will make stems separation so fast that it can be done transparently in real-time without affecting your performances/heat/battery/stability/etc.

    If you don't have such a computer with high-end graphic, even though in many cases VirtualDJ 2023 could still separate stems in real-time, we do not recommend DJs to perform live using a laptop that is maxing out its resources.
    So in these cases we recommend to "prepare" the stems in advance, for peace of mind.
    Stems preparation is very convenient, just drag the tracks you want to prepare into the new Stems folder, and let the process run overnight to separate all your files.
    And, if during your event you want to play a track that hasn't been prepared, VirtualDJ 2023 will automatically use the old "stems1.0" algorithm to do a very fast stems separation on this track, with very low impact on your resources (but obviously with a slightly reduced quality, in fact the exact same that you had with VirtualDJ 2021).

  • My M1 Mac asks me to update to MacOS 13

    To fully utilize the potential of your M1, you should be running the latest macOS.
    We are aware that in the past, Apple got a bad reputation about their os upgrades breaking half of the apps.
    As far as we can tell, this is not the case anymore, and MacOS 13 works perfectly well with all the musical apps we could test, and all the DJ controllers drivers from various hardware brands.

    Most companies will keep telling you not to upgrade, because they don't want to take a risk and are afraid of being sued if they break something. So, please don't sue us if your mac burns. but joke apart, it's safe to upgrade.

  • I have a PC with a GTX or RTX card, but stems2.0 is using my CPU and not doing real-time separation

    Please make sure you have the latest drivers installed for your graphic card.

  • I have a PC with a high-end AMD or Intel graphic card, but stems2.0 is using my CPU and not doing real-time separation

    Go in Settings, Options, Performances and remove "Don't use GPU" on the stemsFix setting.

  • I have a Intel-based Mac, with a AMD or Nvidia graphic card, but stems2.0 is using my CPU and not doing real-time separation

    MacOS system doesn't let applications have low-level access to the hardware, so VirtualDJ cannot take advantage of these cards to do stems separation like it can under Windows.
    VirtualDJ can only optimize hardware stems separation on macs with macos13 and a M1+ chipset.

  • Where is the bleed control

    Stems1.0 could produce artifacts in the sound of the stems, that would be removed by allowing a little bleed. So VirtualDJ 2021 had this manual control so users could adjust to fit their particular need.
    Stems2.0 doesn't have such artifacts anymore and doesn't need to add any bleed.


Posted Mon 14 Nov 22 @ 12:58 pm