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Topic: Numark MT Platinum + Numark MixDeck
DJ_OlzuHome userMember since 2021
Hello, I bought used Numark MixTrack Platinum and Numark MixDeck controllers. They are old, but in very good condition. Both work fine separately, but now I would like to make it work together. I would like to use the pre-listening so that the headphones are connected to the MixDeck. Does anyone have an idea how to get MT Platinum's cue mix to work in such a way that the headphones are connected to the MixDeck. Is this even possible? I have tried different options in the VDJ audio settings without finding a solution.

Posted Thu 10 Nov 22 @ 6:29 pm
Without knowing what your audio setup looks like now...
In addition:
how do you use both controllers together?
Possibly a photo of the (audio) settings.

Posted Thu 10 Nov 22 @ 9:20 pm
DJ_OlzuHome userMember since 2021

Posted Fri 11 Nov 22 @ 1:05 pm
Maybe your problem is:
"The entire mixer section of the Numark Mixdeck does not send MIDI signals to the software and works as analogue dj mixer, therefor none of the mixer section controls will control the VirtualDJ internal mixer and no movements will be visible on the GUI"

Posted Wed 16 Nov 22 @ 10:31 pm
DJ_OlzuHome userMember since 2021
What would be the solution that mixing (and cueing) using controller and CD-player (or turntable) with VirtualDJ.

For example one track is playing on CD and I would have to play couple next tracks on VirtualDJ and then continue from CD.

Posted Fri 18 Nov 22 @ 6:54 pm

Posted Sat 19 Nov 22 @ 12:51 am
DJ_OlzuHome userMember since 2021
I solved my problem this way

VirtualDJ settings are dafault for MixTrack Platinum:
master - MixTrack Platinum - chan 1&2
headphones - MixTrack Platinum - chan 3&4

MT Usb --> Laptop
MT Output --> MD AUX 2
MT Headphones --> MD AUX 1

MD Master --> Amplifier

Now by setting the MT's cue gain to maximum, I can control the volume of the MT's cue gain using the MD's cue gain knob. Now I can also mix (and cue) MD's cd player to VDJ using the crossfaders/volume sliders of both devices.

Posted Mon 21 Nov 22 @ 7:13 pm